Woman's Unreal Love Story Involves Falling In Love With Chandelier

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woman kissing chandelier
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A few years ago, Amanda Liberty went viral for falling in love with several chandeliers and deciding to marry one.

Everyone Is Entitled To Love

People are entitled to live as they please as long as it's not illegal but that doesn't stop certain actions from being bizarre to norms.

Ready For Commitment

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Liberty introduced herself as a woman in love with chandeliers saying she was ready to commit to her favorite one, Lumiere.

Where It All Started

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She first fell in love with chandeliers in 2016 after visiting an antique shop. Liberty said it was love at first sight with "Lumiere" which she described as looking at her. Her name was Whittaker but she changed it to Liberty after falling in love with the Statue of Liberty.

'It's Awesome'

An Antique Shop selling chandeliers
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Liberty said her love for the artifacts blossomed over the years and she couldn't imagine something that "awesome" happening to her.

Growing Collection

She's an avid chandelier collector with more than 20 pieces in her bedroom. Despite their number, Liberty knows every piece in her home, their features, and named them accordingly.

Love For Every Piece

Amanda Liberty introduces Chandelette
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She introduced the interviewer to a 7-inch 24K gold chandelier named "Chandelette" decorated with Swarovski crystals.

Appreciating Everyone

Amanda Liberty with her chandelier
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The collector said restoring the antique and vintage pieces is her way of showing love to them,

"because chandeliers love to be appreciated." Liberty identifies as Objectum Sexual saying she's attracted to objects as noted by All That's Interesting.

Still Much To Learn

Liberty said she's considered a chandelier expert worldwide but she doesn't think she's there yet. She said there's so much to learn as each piece is different with a unique story.

Helping Others Restore Their Chandeliers

A Chandelier from Amanda Liberty's collection
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Apart from restoring her personal collection, Liberty takes commissions and helps others fix their broken chandeliers.

Meeting Lumiere

Amanda Liberty cleans Lumiere
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Liberty's relationship with Lumiere started when she saw the chandelier on a German eBay site. She loved everything about Lumiere and believes it's the most beautiful of her collection.

Like A Human Relationship

Liberty likened the relationship to a human relationship saying it's really comparable to a real-life romance. She gifts the chandelier things and pays it attention like she would a human being.

Slight Differences From Human Relationships

The collector admitted that there are differences in that relationship as Lumiere is an object that doesn't speak back during conversations. Liberty doesn't need that from the art piece as she's happy with the object beautifying her surroundings.

The Commitment Ceremony

A crystal from one of Amanda Liberty's chandeliers
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She had some ideas for the "commitment ceremony" including exchanging rings with the chandelier and singing a romantic tune. Liberty says it's part of her life as it's not easy to "swim against the tides."

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