Tragedy Strikes: Alex Murdaugh Convicted for the Murders Of His Wife Maggie And Son Paul

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Alex Murdaugh
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The trial which has occupied public attention for almost two years has now reached a conclusion. Keep reading to catch up on the infamous Alex Murdaugh trial and its recently announced verdict.

The Verdict Is Announced

Verdict is announced
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Alex Murdaugh, a South Carolina lawyer, has been declared guilty of the gruesome murders of his wife and son, by the Colleton County Courthouse in Walterboro.

The Jury Gathers

On Thursday, the jury regathered at 7 p.m. after three hours of deliberation and passed their unanimous verdict to Judge Clifton Newman.

Two Murder Verdicts

Apart from the murder, Murdaugh has been found guilty of possessing an illegal weapon. For homicide alone, the judge said, "The minimum sentence is 30 years and the maximum is life imprisonment.”

A Rushed Decision

The jury's quick decision shocked many, especially because of the towering pile of contrasting evidence. A Palmetto state attorney said, "It’s hard to imagine that they could even have sifted through the exhibits in that amount of time.”

Two Faces Of One Person

Two Faces Of One Person
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The trial lasted for six weeks and painted two entirely different personas of Murdaugh, one as a stone-hearted murderer and the other as a remorseful drug addict who loved his family dearly.

Under The Nation's Eyes

The saga which received national coverage began in June 2021, when Murdaugh's wife, Maggie, and son, Paul were shot dead at their hunting lodge.

Cover Up The Evidence 

Cover Up The Evidence 
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Prosecutors claimed that Murdaugh committed the murders to divert attention from his financial blunders that were about to be disclosed by his business partners shortly after his addiction to substance abuse went beyond his control.

Unnerving Bodycam Footage

These claims were based on the bodycam footage acquired by the state that showed Murdaugh standing just before the dead bodies of his family members.

Another Piece Of Evidence

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Moreover, the prosecutor presented a recorded tape of Murdaugh's interview taken three days after the murder where Murdaugh is saying, "I did him so bad!” after he was shown images of Paul's mutilated body.

The Murder Weapon

The Murder Weapon
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Forensic evidence states that Paul had been shot twice, once from a range short enough to separate his brain from his body.

Lying About The Whereabouts

Although Murdaugh told his defense team that he was visiting his mother on the day of the crime, he exposed himself on the stands when he accepted being part of Paul's Snapchat video that was captured just five minutes before the crime.

Maintaining The Lie

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However, he maintained the claim about being at his mother's house shortly after the video and finding his dead wife and son on his return.

Display Of Crocodile Tears

Display Of Crocodile Tears
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He then started shedding tears while on the stand, blaming his lies on his drug addiction which apparently led him to swindle money from his clients and frame his family's law firm for it.

The Eldest Shows No Emotion 

Buster, Murdaugh's only remaining child, was present in the court on Thursday and remained emotionless throughout the time the verdict was being announced.

Support System

Support System
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Buster has been his father's support system since day one and testified in favor of Murdaugh, that he was "heartbroken" and "destroyed" at the death of Maggie and Paul.

A Crown Of Crimes

Besides the murder allegations, Murdaugh is set to face trial for several financial crimes that could land him in prison for a total of 700 years.

Fall From Grace

The final verdict of Alex Murdaugh, who was once a powerful lawyer in South Carolina, has left family members and acquaintances stunned at his fall from grace.

Justice Is Served

Justice Is Served
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The lawyer of the housekeeper of Murdaugh's family, who was found mysteriously dead, said that he was grateful that Maggie and Paul got the justice they deserved.

Final Words

We are happy to see that justice was indeed served, and it is a perfect life lesson for us to stay grounded no matter what.