Car Trouble in Underground Carpark Leaves Sydney Mum, Indy Clinton, Stranded

Ashabi Azeez
Indy Clinton
TikTok | indyclinton

A young mother of two recently experienced car trouble in an underground park which left her stranded. The mum recorded the disastrous moment and shared how she finally got out. 

Young Mom's Car Gets Stuck In Underground CarPark

A mom from Sydney, Indy Clinton, shared a video with her 1.1 million TikTok followers on how she got stuck. Clinton shared that she was driving to a shopping mall to get hemorrhoid cream when her car suddenly stopped.

Her Car Was Bigger Than The Space

She was using the underground car park when her car got stuck. Clinton's car was too big and had scraped off the top of the roof. In the caption of the clip, the mum explained that she was claustrophobic.

She Was On The Verge Of A Mental Breakdown

A woman looking worried
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Clinton added that she had caused a jam and was about to have a mental breakdown and panic attack. The video got over 1 million views and thousands of comments since it was posted. 

Clinton Escaped The Situation With The Help Of A Stranger

A lot of TikTok users sympathized with Clinton in the comment section. Seeing how caring her TikTok users were, Clinton uploaded a follow-up video the next day. She shared that she got help from a stranger.

How The Issue Was Resolved

The stranger put her car in 4WD and reversed it slowly. The mum also added that it was not the first time something like that happened. Clinton shared that when she was 18, her manual Ute did not fit and she called the police.

She Was Glad The Police Did Not Need To Be Brought In

Indy Clinton
instagram | indyclinton

However, she shared that she was happy that she did not have to call the police this time. TikTok users who followed through with her mishap story shared their two cents in case of next time.

TikTokers Share Hacks

Someone noted that she could simply let out some air from her car tires to make room for the vehicle. Others echoed the same sentiment while a third user relayed that she did not have to let out all the air. They stated that a little air could be let out of the tires and it takes the car lower for her to drive out.

Teen Hikers Stranded For Days In California Snowstorm

Unsplash | Matt Heaton

Clinton's car being stuck was not the only disastrous incident that recently occurred. Two 17-year-old boys were stranded for days last week in a snowstorm in California. The teen hikers were Cole White from Portland, Oregon, and Riley Ramirez from Cyprus, California.

Trek Gone Wrong

They were on a 10-day trek on the Pacific Crest Trail near the San Gorgonio Mountains. Unfortunately, a foot of snow dumped on the mountains left them stranded and unable to call for help.

Riley's Dad Contacted The Authorities

After losing contact for days, Riley's father, Cesar Ramirez called the San Bernardino county sheriff's office for help. The sheriff's office then launched a helicopter and located the boys in heavy snow.

County Sheriff Describes The Situation Of The Teens

Sheriff car
Unsplash | Alina Rubo

The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Sgt. John Scalise described the boy's situation when they were found. He told The Associated Press that the boys were slightly hypothermic. He added that they were lucky to be alive after huddling together for three nights.

The Boys Were Not Prepared For The Snowstorm

Scalise continued that the boys were prepared for a hike, but not for the huge amounts of snow. Cesar shared that the boys were avid hikers and were well-supplied with feet, snowshoes, and a tent for the trek.

More Snowstorm Incidents In California's Mountain Communities

Unsplash | Fabrizio Conti

There have been other storm dumps of as much as 10 feet of snow on California's mountain Communities. This forced Governor Gavin Newsom to declare a state of emergency in about 13 counties.

Another Situation That Did Not Turn Fatal

A day before the teen hikers got stranded, there was another rescue operation in Inyo County. A driver went missing after leaving the community of Big Pine. He was last heard from on February 24 before he was found on March 2. 

British Students Got Stranded After Hotel Accidentally Shreds Their Passports 

A lot of shocking incidents were reported earlier this month apart from the snowstorms. A dozen British students on a trip to the US were recently left stranded in the country.

They Were On A Ski Trip

snow alpine
Unsplash | Bogdan Cadar

The high school students of Barr Beacon School were on a ski trip in New Hampshire. They stayed in the Kancamagus Lodge. However, they had to extend their stay after their passports were accidentally shredded by the hotel.

There Were Other Shredded Passports

The shredded passport also included four staff members making it a total of 42 shredded passports. The students and staff had to await emergency documents from the British Embassy. 

Parent Of Stranded Student Comment On The Situation 

The students made use of their stranded time by sightseeing while their paperwork was processed by the embassy. Their families also had to pay about $180 so the kids could return after four days.

Parents Commended The Helpful Teacher

One of the parents of the stranded student commented on the situation. She appreciated the school's head teacher, Katie Hobbs, for helping to solve the problem from a distance. Hobbs was not on the trip. However, she made sure parents filled in all the necessary documents to aid the safe return of their kids.