Young Canadian Siblings Have Unprecedented Birth

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Canadian siblings Adiah and Adrial Nadarajah
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Canadian siblings Adiah and Adrial Nadarajah have made history by being named the world's most premature twins. Born at just 22 weeks and weighing a combined 1.6 lbs, they defied the odds of survival and are now one year old.

Miracle Twins: Born at 22 Weeks and Defying the Odds

Miracle Twins

Adiah and Adrial Nadarajah have set a new world record as the most premature twins, having been born at just 22 weeks in Toronto, Canada. This was a miraculous birth considering kids born this prematurely generally don't survive.

A Close Call: Born Just an Hour Before Doctors Would Not Have Attempted to Save Them

A Close Call
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Adiah and Adrial's birth was a close call, with doctors revealing that they had been born just an hour earlier, they would not have attempted to save them. However, the infants' strong heartbeats and lack of distress prompted doctors to provide life-saving measures.

A Year of Life: Adiah and Adrial's Journey

Adiah and Adrial have celebrated their first year of life, marking a significant milestone for premature babies. Despite facing numerous health complications, the siblings have made remarkable progress in their journey so far.

Heavyweights: Weighing Just 1.6lbs Combined

These kids were born on March 4, 2022,126 days earlier, breaking the previous record for the early birth of a pair of twins, which was 125 days. Their small size added to the many challenges they faced in their early days.

A Plea for Help: Parents Urge Doctors to Save Their Babies

Plea for Help
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Adiah and Adrial's parents pleaded with doctors to provide life-saving measures for their babies, and they were told that they had a zero percent chance of survival. Their unwavering hope and faith helped them through the challenging times.

Strong Heartbeats: The Twins' Surprising Resilience

urprising Resilience
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These kids had strong heartbeats and were not distressed, much to the surprise of doctors. This resilience was a crucial factor in their survival and recovery.

A Milestone: Reaching the 22-Week Threshold

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Their parents were advised to hold on until the babies reached the 22-week threshold, which would increase their chances of survival. Reaching this milestone was a significant achievement for the siblings living now. 

An Uncertain Future: The Low Chances of Survival for Babies Born at 22 Weeks

Uncertain Future

Babies usually born at 22 weeks have a low chance of survival, making Adiah and Adrial's story even more remarkable. Considering the many challenges they faced, the twins have continued to thrive and bring hope to others in similar situations.

Mount Sinai Hospital Deserves The Praise

The family was lucky enough to take their babies to the Mount Sinai Hospital, considering they were just 22 weeks old, while most hospitals do not attempt to save kids before 24-26 weeks.

Health Struggles: Brain Bleeds, Lung Problems, Kidney Problems, and Sepsis

The Nadarajah twins faced several health challenges during their early days in the hospital, including brain bleeds, lung problems, kidney problems, and sepsis.

Months in the Hospital: The Twins' Six-Month Stay

Adiah and Adrial spent six long months in the hospital, fighting for their lives every step of the way. During this time, their parents never lost hope and continued to pray for their twins' recovery.

Surviving Against All Odds And Reminded Us to be Grateful

The twin pair didn't only survive against all odds but taught us that life has a lot more blessings than we could possibly imagine.

A Joyful Homecoming: The Twins Finally Leave the Hospital

After six months in the hospital, the twins finally received a clean bill of health and were able to go home. Their homecoming was a joyous occasion, as their parents celebrated the twins' miraculous recovery.

A Mother's Strength: Coping With Loss and Celebrating New Life

The twins' mother, Jennie Nadarajah, had experienced the loss of two previous pregnancies, making the birth and survival of Adiah and Adrial all the more meaningful.

A Bright Future: Adiah's Cheerful Spirit

A Bright Future
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Adiah, one of the miracle twins, is known for her cheerful and joyful spirit. She exudes happiness and brings joy to all those around her.

A Curious Mind: Adrial's Thoughtful Nature

Adrial, the other miracle twin, is known for his curious and thoughtful nature. He is always exploring his surroundings and asking questions, displaying a deep sense of wonder and curiosity about the world. 

Mum Shakina Rajendram Speaks

The twins' mom told that she was told that the babies had a "0% chance of survival" and "were not viable," but she did not give up. It was also her second pregnancy, a few months after having a miscarriage in the same hospital.

Interesting Fact By GuinnessI

Interestingly, Guinness told that had the children been born even one hour before completing their 22 weeks, they would not have possibly survived. This also makes their record unbreakable.

A Bright Future Ahead

Their story is a beacon of hope for families facing similar challenges, reminding us that miracles do happen and that with faith, love, and determination, anything is possible.