Woman Divorces Husband After Deciding She Didn't Miss Him On Holiday

Ashabi Azeez
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A woman who was married for ten years made a life-changing decision after she went on a girl's trip. The woman had been on a getaway with her pals when she knew she did not want to be married to her partner any longer. Here's why!

Her Life-Changing Trip

Stephanie Hanson, a mom from Liverpool took a ten-day trip to Kefalonia in Greece with her girlfriends, and in the middle of the fun getaway, she came to a startling realization. When she returned home from the short holiday, Hanson told her husband of 10 years that she wanted a divorce.

Why She Ended Her 10-Year Union

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Hanson recently revealed how she came to that decision. According to DailyMail, she realized she did not miss her husband while having fun with her friends. Hanson stated, "I remember thinking while I was away about how I really missed the kids, but I didn't miss my husband." She had been lounging in the pool with her friends when she thought to herself that she did not love her partner anymore.

She Recalled Being In "The Worst Shape'

Hanson recalled thinking to herself about being in the worst shape. This dawned on her, and while she brooded, she also came to the conclusion that she was miserable and needed to do something about it.

She Needed Time Off From The Stress Of Daily Life

The mom-of-four initially took the trip with her friends to get away from the stresses of everyday life. However, things became deeper as she spent more time away from home.

Returning Home Felt 'Awful'

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Amid catching fun with her friends, Hanson was deep in her thoughts. She relayed that she had been having the best time with her pals and that the thought of going back to her spouse was "awful."

A Moment Of Clarity

The Liverpool resident who made headlines for her shocking decision also remembered having a "moment of clarity." Hanson stated that she had been miserable in her marriage for as long as she could recall.

Another Realization

Hanson opened up on how she flew back home to her family and wasted no time sahring her conclusion with her spouse. While she probably thought things would become bleak, it was otherwise. Hanson knew she made the right decision when she saw her now ex-husband's reaction.

Working On Her Weight

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The next line of action came after she receive photos from the vacation. Hanson saw herself and knew something had to change. She weighed 107kg and wanted a fresh start. The 41-year-old thought she wanted to enter her single era as a changed person.

Her Workout Routine

She set up a workout routine that included exercising with a hula hoop. This was followed by a drastic change in her diet. Hanson stopped taking chocolate, takeout meals, cream, and butter-based dishes. She replaced her former eating routine with fish, salad, lean meat, and soup.

She Added More Routines

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Her new lifestyle started yielding results, and after a few months, she incorporated cardio into her fitness regimen. Hanson started running, and the gradual process helped her shed weight and achieve her goal. She is now down to 80kg.

It Was Not Easy

Making a decision and sticking to consistency was not a walk in the park for Hanson who works as a phlebotomist. She recalled that it was hard at first, but she drew motivation from being "freshly single."

She Has Moved On With Her Love Life

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Presently Hanson can't wait for what the future holds, especially with a new lover. Six months after her divorce, Stephanie met her new man, David Baldwin. She has introduced him to her kids and things seem to be just fine.

A Moment Of Reflection

During a moment of reflection, Hanson stated that she was grateful for her Greece Trip. She stated that if she hadn't gone she'll still be stuck in a marriage with a man "I no longer loved." She added, "So to be where I am now, I couldn't be happier."

How She Met Her New Lover

Hanson has shared how she met Baldwin. She made it known that she met him via a Facebook dating site last July. She noted that they hit it off right from the start. The woman met her new lover at a time when she was still going through her weight transition, but according to her, he did not mind.

Hanson Is Not Done With Her Weight Goal

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Baldwin loved her regardless of the phase in her life. She stated that he loved her as she was. Despite achieving significant weight loss, Hanson is not done with her fitness journey. She noted that she needed to lose one more kilogram as that would be "perfect."

Another Divorce Case With A Twist

A United Arab Emirates woman once made headlines after she filed for divorce because she felt her spouse had "extreme love" for her. According to NY Post, she felt suffocated by his affection. She filed for divorce at a Shariah court in Fujairah, claiming that his adoration for her was overwhelming.

She Felt Choked

She listed her husband's activities that had her fleeing. The woman relayed that she was choked by his show of love. She also made it known that he even helped her clean the house. According to her, the kindness turned her life into "hell."

She Felt It Was Unrealistic

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Due to the constant show of love and kindness, the UAE woman noted that her spouse made her long for marital issues and conflict. She noted, "I long for one day of dispute, but this seems impossible with my romantic husband who always forgave me and showered me with gifts.” 

What Her Spouse Had To Say

She included that she needed real discussions, arguments, and not a hassle-free life. The spouse in question pleaded with the judge so they could have time to try reconciling. Therefore, the case was adjourned. He also told his wife that she could not judge marriage by its first year.