Mother Killed by Great Danes in a Horrific Incident

Asma Irshad
Kristen Potter and son.
Facebook | Kristen Potter

When dogs see you as a target or threat, things can become deadly quickly. A mother in Pennsylvania was killed when the neighbor's dogs she had gone over to feed while their owner was away attacked her. Here are all the shocking details.

Victim Mauled By Two Great Danes

According to state police, 38-year-old Kristin Potter passed away Thursday night in Centre Township, southwest of New Bloomfield, after being mauled by the two Great Danes.

Potter Went With Her Son To Her Neighbor's House

Perry County Coroner Robert Ressler stated that Potter had gone to the house with her son.

Her Son Ran Away To Get Help

Her son fled for aid when she was suddenly attacked by two of the three dogs there.

Authorities Were Unable To Help Potter

Ressler claimed that until animal control workers came and tranquilized the dogs, both emergency responders and police officers were unable to access the woman.

Her Son Was There

Ressler said, "Her son was present at the scene, but I don't think he was there for much of it; as soon as he saw the dogs starting to attack his mother, he ran across the road to have his brother call 911."

Dogs Were Taken To Vet

Mother Killed by Great Danes in a Horrific Incident
Facebook | Susan Shapiro

The two animals that attacked were eventually taken to a vet and executed.

Third Dog Didn't Participate

A third dog, according to officials, was there but didn't participate in the attack.

Statement By Potter's Future Brother-In-Law

According to Brandon Zeiders, who is engaged to Potter's sister, state police told him that it's possible that the two Great Danes were first fighting before turning on Potter when she tried to get in between them.

Potter Was A Kind Soul

Potter was known as a kind soul who had been through hardships.

Potter Went To Take Care of Three Great Danes

According to WGAL, the 38-year-old Centre Township lady went to her neighbor's house on Thursday, March 16, to care for their three Great Danes while they were away.

Owner Expressed Outrage

The owner of the dogs expressed her outrage at the occurrence, adding that she was in shock and disbelief.

The Owner Wants To Die

Wendy Sabathne stated, "I'm heartbroken, I'm in shock, I'm in disbelief, and I just want to die. I can't believe this happened."

Potter Was Bitten Before

Potter's father, Bill Keefer, revealed that one of the dogs bit her a few years ago.

Potter Lost Her Spouse And Son

She lost her spouse and one of her kids, 11, in a bike accident in 2020.

Potter Was Engaged

Mother Killed by Great Danes in a Horrific Incident
Facebook | Jacob Presley Fickett

Potter was engaged and about to go to Florida with her fiance. Her fiance posted on Facebook and paid tribute to her.

Potter's Sister Remembered Her

Her younger sister remembered the mother of two from Centre Township as having a beautiful personality that made everyone around her feel better.

Potter Was A Beautiful Person

She told WGAL, "When you're around her, you just feel better; when you talk to her, you just feel better."

Potter Had Strong Faith In God

Besides the tragedies in her life, she maintained a strong faith in God, according to her family. She was just like that. It seemed to her that everything has a purpose because there was a creator.

Funding Campaign For Potter's Boys

Mother Killed by Great Danes in a Horrific Incident
Go Fund | Jennifer Keefer

A GoFundMe campaign has been put up to assist Potter's two boys. This campaign is being put up by Kristen's sister and Jake, her husband, to help collect money for the direction and support that Kristen's children will need through this long and difficult journey ahead, as well as any other needs they may encounter.