Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Nearly Pooped on by Fan at Broadway Show

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Hillary Clinton
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Hillary and Chelsea Clinton narrowly escaped getting hit by a poop at the famous Schubert Theater halls as they attended "Some Like It Hot." According to reports from the location, the former first American family members are not the only ones who nearly encountered this unfortunate phenomenon.

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As The Lights Came On...

A source from the show revealed details to Page Six, "Last week when Hilary and Chelsea Clinton were in the audience, the lights came up for intermission and there were two human turds in the aisle just near the famous political duo."

Swift Response

Hilary Clinton
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The source added that the house crew immediately handled the case, and both mother and daughter remained in the venue for the night's second act.

Citing Regret

Hilary Clinton
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An insider revealed that it was a regrettable one-off incident, and fans almost got hit by the poop at other performances, which means the culprit has been ravaging the venue for a while now.

Catching Up With DVF

Diane Von Furstenberg
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Pictures showcased the duo catching up with designer Diane Von Furstenberg at the show and Hilary holding up the show's Playbill while giving a thumbs up.

Details On The Doer

Hilary Clinton

According to the insider, the culprit was an older person; this is the fourth time the incident happened.

How It Got There?

The source further stated that the person dumping on the aisle might be sitting there or dumping the smuggled poop into the theatre.

Just A Sad Incident

However, another source opined that no alleged poop merchant is lurking around the venue and tagged it as "just a sad accident."

Important Personalities Have Graced The Show

Hillary Clinton
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Several other important people have attended the show, including Steven Spielberg, Debbie Allen, Bo Derek, Hank Azaria, Kristin Chenoweth, Eddie Izzard, Martin Short, and others.

Women's History Month

The former first lady is slated to appear at a Women's History Month celebration at Montclair State University, where she'll be the keynote speaker.

12th Annual Celebration

Hillary Clinton
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The event is hosted by Senator Bob Menendez in tribute to his late mother and now honors accomplished New Jersey women with trailblazer awards.

Hillary In Montclair 2017

The politician showed up at the Watchung Booksellers in Montclair in 2017 to promote her book "What Happened", which included juicy details about her presidential run against Donald Trump where fans came in droves for her signature.

Menendez On Clinton

Hillary Clinton
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The senator said lovely things about Hillary Clinton's political journey in America.

“Hillary Clinton’s gracious service to our country has left an enormous legacy and has made her an iconic trailblazer who has paved the way for millions of American women for the generations to come."

Hillary Clinton's Political Journey

The 75-year-old served as the 67th United States secretary of state under President Barack Obama's administration from 2009 to 2013.

The Senate

She also represented New York as a senator from 2001- 2009.

First Lady

Hillary and Bill Clinton
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Hillary was the United States' first lady from 1993 to 2000. She married former president Bill Clinton, and they share a daughter (Chelsea Clinton).

Breaking A Major Record

Hillary Clinton
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The former senator was the first woman in America's history to win a major party's nomination for president and then received 66 million votes in the election.

Date Night

Last year, Bill and Hillary were spotted hanging out with Mike Tyson and other friends at Priyanka Chopra's restaurant in New York. The former first couple appeared in high spirits and granted picture requests from teeming fans.

Impressed By Kim Kardashian

The 75-year-old is also a fan of Kim Kardashian, just like all of us on the planet. Last year, a source revealed she was impressed by the reality star's decision to study law and embark on prison reforms.

Smarty Pants

The former senator continued in her praises for the SKIMS founder.

“She may have failed a couple of times before, but she didn’t quit, she kept going, and she had taken the bar a lot later than I had,” said Clinton, who is a lawyer. “I haven’t taken a bar in a very long time, and she knew the answers to some of those questions and I no longer did.”