Lawsuit Filed Against Bad Bunny: Ex-Girlfriend Demands $40 Million

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Bad Bunny
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Mainstream artist, Bad Bunny, is currently facing a multimillion-dollar intellectual property lawsuit levied against him by an ex. The plaintiff in question, Carliz De La Cruz Hernandez, accused the singer of using an old recording of her voice without permission.

Bad Bunny's Ex Is Dragging Him To Court

Carliz De La Cruz Hernandez
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Hernandez is suing her ex-boyfriend Bad Bunny, real name Benito Martinez Ocasio, for $40 million as she alleged that the popular soundbite, "Bad Bunny baby," attached to some of his songs was from her. Hernandez relayed that her permission was not sought before the singer put it out.

She Says The Sound Has Been Used A Couple Of Times

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As reported by NotiCel, Hernandez made it known that her "distinguishable voice" has been used in his hit songs including Pa Ti, and Dos Mil 16. She also stated that the sound was used in promotions, concerts, and different music platforms.

What The Lawsuit States

According to details of the lawsuit, since the songs became mainstream, many people "have commented directly on Carliz's social media networks, as well as every time she goes to a public place." The document also relayed that she is often addressed in regard to the popular sound.

Carliz Has Been Affected By This

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It was further stated that the Puerto Rican attorney has been affected by these occurrences. The lawsuit claimed that it has caused her to be worried, overwhelmed, feel intimidated, anguished, and anxious.

Bad Bunny Reportedly Asked Hernandez To Make The Sound

The legal document also revealed that while the ex-lovers were still dating, Bad Bunny asked her to record the sound. There seems to have been the knowledge that he wanted to use the recording to mix his songs.

She Has Allegedly Been Offered Incentives In The Past

More from Hernandez showed that in May 2022, a representative of the rapper contacted her. She noted that she was offered $2000 for the rights to the recording. However, she turned it down and did not grant consent.

His Label Also Contacted Her

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Hernandez claimed Bad Bunny's record label, Rimas Music, also reached out to her trying to buy the rights to her recording. This time, it was for his 2022 hot single, Dos Mil 16. She once again refused while clarifying whenever authorized the use of her voice recording, which went ahead to be used by the rapper.

Bad Bunny Is Accused Of Gross Negligence

According to the lawsuit because she did not grant consent for the recording to be used, its publication "constitutes an act of gross negligence, bad faith and worse still, an attack on their privacy morals and dignity."

The Songs Are Making Numbers

In retrospect, Pa Ti has gained momentum with more than 235 million reproductions on Spotify. The muisc video has been viewed over 355 million times on YouTube. Dos Mil 16 is also growing in leaps and bounds as it has since gathered over 60 million views and 280 million reproductions.

Hernandez Revealed How She Made The Recording

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In her filing, Hernandez revealed that she made the recording in 2015. She had been living with friends at the time and had to move to the bathroom to record. She relayed that it was the quietest place she could find.

Inside Their Relationship

The La Jumpa rapper and Hernandez became an item in 2011 and studied together at the Univeristy of Puerto Rico. The former couple also worked at the same grocery store while in school. In past times, Bad Bunny has credited her for his musical journey

She Played A Crucial Part In His Career

While they studied together, Bad Bunny pursued his muisc career and Hernandez helped in certain areas. She was quite instrumental in managing his contracts, invoices, and the scheduling of events.

When Did They Break Up?

The couple dated until 2016 when Hernandez was accepted into law school. That same year, Bad Bunny got signed to Rimas Music. He was said to have asked her to marry him but that did not work out. They went their separate ways and briefly reconciled the following year. Bad Bunny and Hernandez eventually called it quit in 2017.

Who Is Carliz De La Cruz Hernandez?

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Carliz De La Cruz Hernandez is a successful attorney who works at Eldarondo & Lopez-Brass Law Firm in Guayanbo. She graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a bachelor's degree in business administration in 2016. Four years later in 2020, she was accepted to study for her Juris Doctor Degree at the university's school of law.

Inside Her Career

Hernandez interned at the Central Office of Legal Services of Puerto Rico and the Civil Legal Assistance Clinic of the university. She went on to gain experience as a legal clerk at an entertainment and criminal law firm. She also practiced law at the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico and the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico.

Bad Bunny And Kendall Jenner's Dating Rumors

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner
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In February, the Gato de Noche crooner and supermodel, Kendall Jenner, sparked dating rumors after they were spotted outdoors together. The duo reportedly seemed chummy, and just a few days later, they displayed subtle PDA on a night out.

They Have Had Some Public Moments

Earlier in March, the Grammy winner and reality TV star were seen out in California where they grabbed a group dinner at Sushi Park. They had been joined by Kylie Jenner, and close friend, Travis Bennet. Before they parted ways, eagle-eyed fans got to see Kenall flash Bad Bunny an affectionate smile.

A Brief Look Into Bad Bunny's Dating History

Bad Bunny
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After his long-term relationship with Hernandez ended, Bad Bunny was linked with model Gabriela Berlingeri. They went out together a lot of times, but he later indicated that they were only friends.

He Has Been Linked To Rosalia

In 2019, Bad Bunny was back in the rumor mills and this time he was romantically linked to Spanish-born singer, Rosalia. The pair got fans wondering what their relationship status was when he posted a photo of them while alluding to falling in love. The pair wasted no time clamping down on the rumors but they reignited the speculations when they released their song La Noche De Anoche.