16-Year-Old California Girl Who Overcame A Taxi Accident At Nine, Unexpectedly Passes Away

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At only 16, a California girl who had prevailed after a traumatic taxi accident passed away unexpectedly. The cause of her sudden death was reportedly related to painful headaches, which she had been experiencing for a while. Here are the details.

Lillia Bartlow's Accident In 2016

A car that has been wrecked in the front.
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Lillia Bartlow, a California native, captured headlines in 2016 after she miraculously survived a devastating taxi accident that left her with two broken legs. Despite her injuries, she persevered and achieved success in both academics and sports, becoming a local celebrity in 2016.

Severe Headaches


In January, the academically talented teenager, who was proficient in three languages and pursuing the highly regarded International Baccalaureate Program, began to suffer from severe headaches.

The Cause

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Unfortunately, the root cause of her migraine symptoms remained undiagnosed, leading her to struggle with the condition.

Lillia's Miraculous Recovery


Despite these challenges, she managed to make a remarkable recovery and went on to become a star cheerleader at Berkeley High School in California. Her recovery was nothing short of miraculous.

Her Achievement

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It was an incredible achievement for her to overcome such a difficult obstacle and excel in her athletic pursuits. Despite her impressive abilities and accomplishments, her ongoing struggle with migraines remained a mystery, leaving her to navigate this condition with uncertainty and perseverance.

Lillia's Unexpected Death

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As reported by the Berkeley Scanner, the 16-year-old departed from school earlier than usual on Friday, only to suffer a heartbreaking demise a few hours later in the safety of her own home.

Her Father

grieving f
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Her grieving father, Darryl Bartlow, remarked, “I was living with an angel, she was as near perfect as perfect can be in a human being” which makes the loss even more tragic.

Reaction To Lillia's Death In The Berkeley Community

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The Berkeley community is reeling from the sudden and unexpected passing of a beloved schoolgirl who had become a local hero after surviving a harrowing collision in 2016.

Winning Hearts

Winning Hearts
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Lillia, as she was affectionately known, had won the hearts of many in the community with her resilient spirit and unwavering determination.

Lillia's Cheerleading Coach Reacts To Her Death

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Her cheerleading coach, Tiffany Sutherland, expressed deep sadness and devastation upon hearing the news of Lillia's passing. She remembered Lillia's infectious energy, smile, and laughter that lifted the spirits of everyone around her.

Her Dedication

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Sutherland spoke highly of Lillia's work ethic and dedication, noting that she never gave up, never missed a practice, and never missed a game. The entire team is devastated by the loss of such a bright and inspiring member.

Meeting California Congresswoman Barbara Lee

Barbara Lee Congresswoman
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In a touching tribute to Lillia, it was revealed that less than a month before her untimely death, she had met with California Congresswoman Barbara Lee during the official's recent Senate campaign launch.

Lillia's Mother's Account Of The Accident

tragic incident
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During an interview with KRON following the tragic incident, Lillia's mother Khadija recounted the details of the accident.

The Accident

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She explained that as they were crossing the street at approximately 7:40pm, they were both struck by a taxi. Lillia, who was in fourth grade at the time, was crushed by the impact of the car.

Letting Go

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In a heartbreaking moment, Khadija shared with the outlet that Lillia was holding her hand when the taxi hit them, and she had to let go as her daughter was taken away from her.

Fateful Night


Lillia herself recalled the moment as a blackout, only to find herself on the ground after the impact. The memory of that fateful night still haunts her mother and continues to be a painful reminder of the tragedy that claimed Lillia's life.

Lillia's Recovery And Return To Basketball Games


After enduring a grueling and painful recovery process, Lillia found inspiration in attending basketball games at the high school she would later attend.

Defying Odds

Defying Odds

Despite initial concerns that she may need a wheelchair for over a year, Lillia defied the odds and was walking again within just a few months, demonstrating her incredible strength and determination.

Better Street Lighting

Street lighting
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In the wake of the tragic accident, there were increasing calls for the local authorities to improve street lighting in the area, which were promptly addressed. Lillia herself also spoke out, urging others to exercise caution when crossing poorly lit areas.