Lottery Winner Jane Park Flaunts New Boob Job Results

Jean S.
Jane Park
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Jane Park, the youngest ever EuroMillions winner who bagged the £1 million jackpot in 2013 when she was only 17 years old, proudly shows off her new boob job on Instagram.

'New Boobs First Outing'

jane park in black dress
instagram | Jane Park Instagram

Jane proudly flaunted her sensational figure in a revealing black mini dress on Instagram. The caption read, "New boobs first outing."

All Black Ensemble

jane park in black dress
instagram | Jane Park Instagram

The 27-year-old added elegance to the ensemble by donning nude heels and accessorizing with an exquisite black handbag, further accentuating her height.

Not The First

This isn't the first boob job that the young millionaire has undergone. After she won the lottery in 2013, one of the first things she did was to get breast implants. The then-teenager went from 34B to 36FF.

No Regrets

jane park in black lingerie
instagram | Jane Park Instagram

Jane, at the time, described it as one of the best things she had ever done in her life. And it did seem like she was very happy with her new implants.

Time For A Reduction

jane park posing in front of christmas tree
instagram | Jane Park Instagram

This time, Jane flew to Turkey for her operation and opted to swap out her implants with a smaller variant. "So I had my breast implants reduced and uplifted."

A Slight Complication

But as it turns out, it wasn't exactly her choice. According to her, "There was a slight complication with my old implant as it had a capsule around it, which is a barrier of scar tissue that forms itself around the implant."

Explaining What Happened

jane park in black holding a wine glass
instagram | Jane Park Instagram

"I went from a 560CC implant over the muscle to a 425CC under the muscle," she said, posting a video of the surgeon extracting all the augmented collagen and tissue that surrounded the previous implant.

'Grateful I Actually Got Those Out'

In her caption, she said, "This is the capsule that formed around my implant!!!! I'm just so grateful I actually got those out & that out of my body!"

'Sorry, This Is Gruesome'

"Sorry, this is gruesome, I know," she also wrote. "My implants are now under the muscle & a different type of implant should lower the chances of this happening again."

Jane's Bathroom Selfie

jane park in front of mirror
instagramStories | Jane Park Instagram

She also posted another picture, this time of her posing for a selfie in front of the bathroom mirror wearing a cream bralette.

'They're Gone Now'

The Scottish girl wrote, "Still can't grasp they're gone now."

Putting Them On OnlyFans

Jane also jokes, "Might punt them on OnlyFans for a laugh."

The joke alludes to the fact that she regularly posts topless photos on OnlyFans, where she allegedly earns up to £45,000.

'I Can't Win'

jane park in a white lingerie
instagram | Jane Park Instagram

Many have criticized her for creating OnlyFans content.

"I seem to get whinged at regardless of what I do," she previously said when asked about the issue. "When I didn’t work I would have people thinking I didn’t deserve my money. Now I do something online and earn money I still get whinged at. I can’t win.”

Her Second Liposuction

Aside from the boob job, Jane also had another liposuction procedure, the second one since winning the million-pound jackpot 10 years ago.

She had an inner thigh liposuction, which is a procedure that removes fat from the inner thighs to create a slimmer and more toned look.

Waiting For The Final Look

She hasn't fully healed, though, and says that she can't wait to see the final results of her procedures.

Frequent Updates

Jane Park currently has over 200,000 Instagram followers. She always shares updates about her life, and it seems like she's definitely living it to the fullest.

A Life-Changing Moment

jane park when she won in 2013
The Sun | Jeff Holmes

Before winning the lottery, 17-year-old Jane Park was working for £8 per hour and living with her mother in a council apartment, which is a stark contrast to her current affluent lifestyle.

Complications From Surgery

She doesn't shy away from cosmetic procedures, either. In 2017, she had major complications after a botched Brazilian bum lift and liposuction. If you may remember, Cardi B has previously spoken up about removing her own BBL injections and the dangers this type of surgery may pose.

Getting Her Dream Body

It seems like Jane is well on her way to getting the body she has always wanted – something we can all relate to! Let's hope things continue this way!