S Club 7 Singer Paul Cattermole Dead at 46

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The rock group S Club 7 revealed that one of its members, Paul Cattermole, has passed away. 

Bad News After Reunion Tour

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Weeks after the band announced a reunion tour, star Paul Cattermole passed away at 46.

Announcement Of Death 

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The pop group and his family said, "It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of our beloved son and brother Paul Cattermole."

Cause Of Death

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The cause of his death, which occurred on Thursday, is unknown. But there are no suspicious circumstances, according to the statement

A Famous Group 

S Club 7 was one of the most famous groups in the 1990s and early 2000s. Reach, Don't Stop Movin', and S Club Party were among their hits.

Records Sold 

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They sold over 10 million records worldwide and had 11 UK top songs throughout their career.

Awards Won

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They had four number-one songs. They also received two Brit Awards. 

Official Statement

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The statement read, "Dorset Police has confirmed that there were no suspicious circumstances, even though the cause of death is now unknown. At this time, Paul's friends, family, and S Club colleagues ask for privacy.”

Badmates’ Sentiments

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His bandmates expressed their “truly devastated” sentiments on social media. They wrote, "There are no words to express the profound pain and loss we all feel.”

Grateful For Memories 

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They are grateful for the beautiful memories they share and feel incredibly lucky to have had him in their life.

Asked For Privacy 

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They said they all miss him terribly. They also asked to respect his family's and the band's privacy.

Vernon Kay’s Condolences

Fans and friends have been pouring in their condolences. The news of Cattermole's passing was "so very sad," according to TV and radio broadcaster Vernon Kay.

Jeremy Edwards’ Post 

The former partner of Rachel Stevens of S Club 7, Jeremy Edwards, posted on Facebook: "My thoughts and love go to all your friends and family."

Formed By Simon Fuller 

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S Club 7 was formed by Simon Fuller, who also managed the Spice Girls.

How The Group Gained Popularity

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The group gained popularity in 1999 through the BBC children's TV show, Miami 7.

Cattermole Left in 2002

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Following their massive chart success, Paul Cattermole left the group in 2002 to rejoin his previous metal band, Skua.

Number Dropped From Name

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After his departure, the remaining members dropped the number from their name and continued as S Club.

Split in 2003

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S Club split in 2003, with partial reunions in the late 2000s and early 2010s. S Club 7 reunited in 2014 with all seven members, including Paul Cattermole.

Cattermole’s Other Endeavors 

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He also appeared in a stage production of The Rocky Horror Show in 2015 and offered personal tarot readings in recent years.

Announcement In February 

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In February, the group announced their plans for another reunion tour, scheduled for later this year with 11 dates at arenas in the UK and Ireland.