Macaulay Culkin & Fiancee Brenda Song Enjoy Outing With Their Two Kids

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Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song
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Recently, an Easter Bunny photo session took place at The Grove outdoor mall in Los Angeles, where Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song came with their children. The couple welcomed their second kid just before Christmas last year after being together for more than four years. In a recent interview, Brenda mentioned the challenges of balancing children and work, stressing the absence of tools and assistance for new mothers. Despite the difficulties, Brenda and Macaulay are a hands-on pair who rely on Brenda's mother for help.

Macaulay and Brenda Spotted At ‘The Grove’

Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song, who are in a relationship and have two children together, were recently seen with their kids at The Grove outdoor mall in Los Angeles, posing for pictures with the Easter Bunny.

Brenda’s Outfit

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The family looked cute in matching outfits, with Brenda donning a lovely blue, yellow, and pink floral dress and holding their three-month-old son, Carson.

How Brenda Accessorized Her Look

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Brenda looked stunning in her knee-length, long-sleeved spring dress that featured a beautiful array of colors. The former Disney star complemented her outfit with loose, center-parted waves and pink lipstick on her lips. Her slightly smoky eye makeup added to her gorgeous look.

Adorable Poses

Brenda Song acting cute

Macaulay sported a matching mohawk with their two-year-old son, Dakota. Brenda sat on the Easter Bunny's lap, cuddling Carson for an adorable picture, while Dakota also posed for pictures with the Easter Bunny.

Photoshoot Soon After The Birth Of Their Second Child

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The family's Easter Bunny photo shoot occurred only a few days after the couple's first appearance since the arrival of their second child.

Birth Occured Around Christmas Last Year

According to sources by US Weekly, Macaulay and Brenda welcomed their second child secretly before Christmas last year.

Brenda And Macaulay’s Parenting Style

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In an interview with The Cut from last year, Brenda revealed that she and Macaulay don't hire a babysitter and have a "very hands-on" parenting approach.

How Brenda’s Mother Helps Out

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Instead, Brenda's mother has been helping the couple out since the birth of their 

first child. Brenda stated that when she worked throughout the day, her mother brought her son to the set to feed and spend time with him.

Brenda Returned To Work After 12 Weeks

After a 12-week maternity leave, Brenda returned to work on the second season of her Hulu series Dollface.

Lack of Information

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Reflecting on her postpartum experience, the former Disney star highlighted the lack of information on the "fourth trimester."

Only Pregnancy and Labor Highlighted

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Brenda pointed out that while people often talk about pregnancy and labor, there is a significant lack of discussion and education about the postpartum period.

Gave Advise About Having Support 

Brenda Song celebrates Macaulay Culkin's 40th birthday on Instagram
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Brenda advised her pregnant friends to ensure they have support because the instinct to do everything independently can be overwhelming and physically impossible.

How Returning To Work Was For Her 

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She also shared that her experience of returning to work after giving birth was more challenging than she had anticipated. 

How Brenda Had To Adjust 

Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song having a candid moment
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Brenda used to be an early bird on set, but returning after having her baby required more effort and adjustment.

Brenda Had To Take Breaks On Set 

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She had always taken pride in being the first person on set, but after having a child, she had to take breaks to pump breast milk. Brenda said it was her first time asking for these breaks and that she found it challenging.

Time Apart Emotionally Taxing For Brenda

Macaulay Culkin, Brenda Song Spotted together
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Brenda recognized that even though her mother watched her son while she worked, spending extended periods apart from him emotionally taxed her.

Grateful For Her Son Being In Good Care

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With a newborn, it was particularly challenging for her to figure out how to balance her demands with her family's. Brenda was relieved to know her son was in skilled care and grateful to have a strong support network. She nevertheless struggled with "FOMO" (fear of missing out) while she was away from her child.

Brenda Aware Of Missing Out On Precious Time

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Brenda was aware of the difficulty of missing out on crucial bonding time with her infant boy while she worked, but she also understood that as a mother, she had a duty to provide for her family. Brenda hoped that her child would understand her sacrifices to support their family.

Brenda And Macaulay’s Relationship 

After meeting on the set of the movie Changeland in June 2017, there were rumors that Macaulay and Brenda were dating. In January 2022, the pair announced their engagement after dating for more than four years.