Halle Berry Takes Relaxation To A Whole New Level!

Asma Irshad
Halle Berry at the Vanity Fair

Over the weekend, actress Halle Berry sparked controversy by posting a photo of herself drinking wine while naked on a balcony.

Berry's Recent Instagram Post

In her most recent Instagram post, Halle Berry, 56, seemed to enjoy a relaxing weekend.

Sipping Wine In A Style

Halle Berry sipping wine on the balcony while being naked
instagram | Halle Berry

In the photo, which the actress shared on Saturday, she was photographed sipping wine while posing on a balcony outside.

Minimum Makeup And Hair Down In Loose Waves

Halle Berry's Hairstyle in her latest insta post
instagram | Halle Berry

Berry kept her cosmetics to a minimum and wore her black, shoulder-length hair down in loose waves with blunt fringe.

Caption Of Her Post

Halle Belly Caption on her latest instagram post
instagram | Halle Berry

She captioned the picture with, “i do what i wanna do. 💋 happy Saturday."

Fans' Reaction To Her Photos

Giphy | Billboard Music Awards

It didn't take long for her admirers to reply to the epic sensual photo, which was posted with words showing how much they adored her.

Fan Called Her Beautiful

Comment by fan on halle Berry's Instagram Post
instagram | Haddenbobbydale

One fan said, “As you should.👏🏼⚘️You're absolutely Beautiful ✌️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹.”

The Right Way Of Using Instagram

Fan's comment on Halle Berry's latest Instagram Post
instagram | yourolddroog

Another wrote, "She uses Instagram the right way.”

Comments From Other Celebrities

Comments by celebrities on Halle Berry's naked Instagram Post
instagram | Halle Berry

Since then, several comments from other celebrities have flooded the post. Lena Waithe and Halle Bailey were among them, and they both posted applauding hand emojis. According to aceshowbiz.com, Jenna Dewan added, "Wow!" and Kelly Rowland exclaimed, "YES!!!!".

She Was Naked

Halle's body covered with her arm and the design of patio
instagram | Halle Berry

Halle was naked in the photo, but she was ingeniously hidden by one arm over her chest and the complex design of the patio, which cleverly covered her lower half.

Fans Were Curious About The Photographer

Fan asking about the photographer on Halle Berry's latest Instagram Post
instagram | Blue Kimble

One of the fans questioned, “Who’s the photographer… I’m jelly 😍😂”

Van Hunt Captured The Photo

Fan guess that the picture is captured by his sweetheart
instagram | Halle Berry

When someone commented that the shot was taken by Berry's boyfriend, Van Hunt, Berry answered, "you win."

Berry And Hunt Relationship

In September 2020, Berry announced that she and musician Hunt, 53, were dating. Since then, the pair has been raving over one another.

Hunt Life Has Been Improved

Van Hunt seeing upwards while wearing a black hoodie
instagram | Van Hunt

“I’m a completely different person," he stated, "I can say it like that, and I think that it [has] improved every aspect of my life."

Berry's Turn To Meet Her Mr. Right

Halle Berry looking stunning and beautiful in black blazer
instagram | Halle Berry

Berry, who has a 15-year-old daughter, Nahla, with ex Gabriel Aubry and a 9-year-old son, Maceo, with ex Olivier Martinez, claimed later that year, in October, that it was now her turn to meet Mr. Right. Only a few months later, she called Hunt the "love of her life."

She Found Her Love

Van Hunt and Halle Berry posing for the picture at an event
twitter | People

The Catwoman said in an interview, "You've watched me fail and fail and fail and fail and fail, besides directing my first movie, I also found the love of my life and I know it’s true and this is how I know it’s true."

She Knew What Real Love Is

She added, "Because you fail so many times, you know what wrong looks like. And because I failed so many times, I now know what [love] really looks like."

Berry's Posts Are Quite Memorable

Halle is famous for posting images of herself in bikinis or nothing at all. Her posts have become quite memorable, whether she enjoys a holiday or weekend or advocates self-love and empowers other women. She has also uploaded workout videos showing how she keeps her body toned to stay strong and healthy. These involve lifting weights and working out with a trainer on other activities.

Her Presence At Events

Halle Berry Dancing

When Halle isn't gaining attention for her Instagram photographs and videos, she's getting noticed for her presence at industry events like the Academy Awards.

Her Stylish Look At The Academy Awards

This year's ceremony saw the beauty walk the red carpet in a white and tan Tamara Ralph gown and tan strappy shoes, and she looked stunning. Her hair was fashioned in waves, and she was unquestionably one of the best-dressed attendees at the prestigious event.