Tom Sandoval Shocks Bravo With Howie Mandel Interview, 'Could Be Fired'

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Tom Sandoval
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Tom Sandoval recently had his first major interview since his affair with Raquel Leviss went public. However, Sandoval's appearance on Howie Mandel's Podcast was not authorized by Bravo. Insiders share that his actions could lead to him getting fired by the network.

Tom Sandoval's Fate At Bravo

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The Vanderpump Rules star made an appearance on Mandel's Podcast on Tuesday.  However, it was revealed that Bravo did not authorize the interview. It was initially reported that Sandoval blindsiding Bravo put his job on the line. An insider shared that the producers were pissed and no one would miss Sandoval if he was fired.

No Conversations Of Sandoval Possibly Getting Fired

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However, another source close to the network told Page Six something different. The source shared that, "there has been no conversation of him being fired," The insider added that other Vanderpump Rules casts have also done unauthorized interviews. If Sandoval was to be fired, then it would mean all the casts would be fired. 

Sandoval's Bombshell Revelations About His Affair With Leviss

Tom Sandoval
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In the Interview which has made headlines, the actor dropped some bombshell revelations about his affair. He also added details of his first kiss with Leviss which he called, "magnetic."

Sandoval Said He broke Up With Madix Before The Affair Got Out

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The actor also claimed that he broke up with Ariana Madix two weeks before the affair became public. The 39-year-old alleged that they kept their split private to figure out an easier way. However, he claimed that Madix was in denial.

He Alleged That Madix Knew About His Affair

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix
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The Scare Us actor added that Madix knew what was going on with Leviss but turned a blind eye. The actor also shared that he and Leviss are putting a break on their sexual relationship for now. 

Sandoval's Interview With Mandel Was Not Approved By Bravo

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Sandoval was keen to have his interview on Mandel's Howie Does Stuff podcast where he made some revelations. However, the inciting interview was not given the green light by Bravo.

Sandoval Versus Bravo

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A Bravo representative shared that the actor gave the network a heads-up. There was also, "a PR rep for Vanderpump Rules present for the podcast." Still, Sandoval was allegedly not given an official go-ahead for the interview but did it anyway. 

Mandel Admitted He Knows Nothing About 'Vanderpump Rules'

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The bizarre podcast episode featured a lot of shocking revelations, including one from Mandel. The host of the podcast, Mandel, admitted that he knew nothing about the Bravo show.

The Interview Riled Many

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After making this confession, Mandel went ahead to seemingly try to justify Sandoval's affair. This angered a lot of people, including Bravo's boss, Andy Cohen. Vanderpump Rules costar, Lala Kent also took to her Instagram story, calling the interview, "weird." 

Cohen Bashed Mandel's Interview With Sandoval

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On Wednesday's episode of Andy Cohen Live, the Bravo host slammed Mandel for not doing his research. Cohen shared that he was annoyed Mandel did an interview when he was not familiar with the show. The 54-year-old also addressed the interview in Watch What Happens Live Tuesday's episode.

Cohen's Take

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In the episode, Cohen announced, "Today's Jackhole [of the night]" was the fact that Mandel did not know what he was getting himself into. He also added, "Because it seems like maybe he didn't do his homework?" 

Twitter Critiques Slammed Mandel For Supporting Sandoval's Affair

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Cohen was not the only one who slammed Mandel for taking sides with Sandoval when he had no idea of the weight of the affair. A lot of Twitter users questioned Mandel's justification for the affair.

Many Were Displeased

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A user wrote that Mandel said Sandoval had no choice but to "cheat because his relationship was stale" and he had a "beautiful girl" in front of him. Another user criticized the interview, saying they would rather eat glass than watch it. A Twitter user also called Mandel a narcissist for advising Madix on how to be a better girlfriend. 

Leviss And Sandoval Faced Backlash During 'Vanderpump Rules' Season 10 Reunion 

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The just concluded Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion showed Leviss and Sandoval in the hot seat. Many of the cast members went all out on the duo calling them out and condemning their actions.

Lala Kent And James Kennedy Were Quite Critical

Lala Kent
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A source revealed that Kent and James Kennedy went crazy on the duo. The insider continued that Kent and Kennedy screamed in the duo's faces for hours. The source added that co-stars do not want to have anything to do with Leviss as the 28-year-old was temporarily on the chopping block. 

About Leviss And Sandoval Cheating Scandal 

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Sandoval and Leviss made headlines in March 2023 when their months-long affair became public. Their affair, referred to as "Scandoval," happened while the actor was in a long-term relationship with co-star Madix.

How Madix Found Out

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When the cheating scandal first unraveled, Madix had found incriminating images on Sandoval's cellphone, while she attended one of his shows to support him. Since then several Vanderpump Rules cast members took sides with her, and berated Sandoval and Leviss for their misconduct.

Sandoval Once Took Leviss To See His Family

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In the space of a few weeks, more details on the scandal were revealed. The star had been seeing Leviss for a few months, and he even took her to his hometown to meet his family. While VPR's cast rallied around Madix to give her the much-needed support, Leviss, and Sandoval put up a united front.

Madix's Relationship With Sandoval

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They were seen together a couple of times after the scandal broke out. On one occasion, the lovers were seen stepping out for dinner in California, and on another, they were seen taking a break after taping the show. Madix and the Reflection actor started dating in 2014 and were together for almost a decade. The Florida native eventually called it quits after finding out about the actor's infidelity.