Hailey Bieber Seen Giving Comfort to Justin Bieber at Coachella: ‘Is He Okay?’

Asma Irshad
justin bieber and hailey bieber seen on the streets
Getty | thecelebrityfinder/Bauer-Griffin

In a viral video at this year's Coachella event, Hailey Bieber was seen comforting her unwell husband and music icon Justin Bieber, which brought up concern among fans.

Justin Seemed Sad

Justin Bieber looking disconnected and sad while Hailey Bieber massaging his back
twitter | 21metgala

Justin looked disconnected after spending the musical evening with Hailey.

A Fan Posted A Video On Twitter

A fan posted a video on Twitter in which he could be seen hunching over.
twitter | 21metgala

A fan posted a video on Twitter in which he could be seen hunching over.

He Didn't Look Interested In The Show

Despite being at the eagerly anticipated music festival in Indio, California, he had a hoodie pulled over his face and didn't look too interested.

Hailey Tried To Console Him

Hailey attempting to console her husband Justin while the singer lean over a barricade and Kid Laroi performing in the background.
twitter | 21metgala

Hailey, seated next to him, attempted to console him while the singer leaned over a barricade and Kid Laroi performed in the background.

She Massaged His Back

Hailey Bieber and Justin enjoying the moment and laughing
Giphy | Justin Bieber

The Sorry hitmaker received a little massage on his back from the 29-year-old catwalk beauty.

Hailey's Stylish Look

Hailey chose a comfortable yet polished outfit for their Coachella date by wearing a white crop top and big pants. She added a gorgeous body chain, a black cap, and sunglasses to her low-key ensemble as accessories.

Justin's Stylish Look

Hailey bieber sitting on his husband while wearing a white top
instagram | Hailey Bieber

The pop singer wore a baggy hoodie with slouchy trousers when it came to Justin.

Fans Expressed Their Concerns

Giphy | A&E

After watching the now-viral video, fans expressed their worries about Justin on Twitter.

Bieber's Anxiety Issue

a user showing her concern for Justin through twitter
twitter | LaveneJackie

A user seems to believe that Justin's anxiety issue may have contributed to his depressed moment. The fan stated, "He doesn't want to be there you can tell he has very bad anxiety being places to [sic] long," the fan said.

Was He Overheated Or Wanted To Go Home?

A fan showing his concern for Justin Bieber through twitter
twitter | Mike Kruz

Another person said, "Probably overheated! Just a thought..."

"Sis… the kid just wanna go home," one other added.

Low On Energy Or Maybe He Is Ill

A fourth user said, "Most of the time he looks so down and low on energy. Hope he is okay."

Another quipped, "The man has chronic Lyme disease and he probably doesn't feel well."

Some Fans Applauded Hailey

While some applauded Hailey for being kind to Justin. One fan said, "Really adore their relationship, they're so gentle and lovin', especially Hailey. He's definitely blessed."

Sweet Hailey Girl

Another said, "He is like me I swear I get sensory overloaded and need a minute. I need a man who cares for me and treats me with this patience omg I love Hailey sweet girl."

Some Fans Criticized Over-Analytical Fans

ignoring over analytical people
Giphy | Squirrel Monkey

Fans who shared videos of the musician having a good time at the event reacted to "over-analytical" followers by telling them not to worry about him.

People Need To Chill

One person said, "Ppl in the comments need to chill and stop overanalyzing everything, He’s in a festival! Prob after having fun the other nights he was tired at that moment and his wife gave him a back massage, who doesn’t like that? Besides, she’s his safe place."

A Fan Called Others Miserable Jobless People

"People in the comments need to find a life. He was just having a minute like we all do," Another tweeted while adding a video of Justin dancing along to a performance, saying, "Miserable jobless people."

People Acting Like They Are Justin's Best Friend

"Y’all wild in these comments acting like you’re best friends with Justin. Idk what’s happened but I swear this past year has shown how out of hand para-social relationships have gotten," a third said.

Justin Mood Didn't Last Long

Justin Bieber dancing on Kid Laroi song
twitter | Yai

However, Justin's apparently sad mood didn't affect the pair's whole time watching Kid Laroi.

He Danced Energetically

energetic justin bieber
Giphy | Believe Movie

In another video, the Intention singer appeared to be a lot more energized as he danced to Kid Laroi's song.