Nick Cannon: My 'Super Sperm' Beats Birth Control

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Nick Cannon considers his sperm responsible for him being a father of 12 children. During his appearance on Howie Mandel Does Stuff Tuesday's podcast episode, Nick said he thinks he has “super sperm” as he swears he practiced birth control and "people still got pregnant."

Not Getting Women Pregnant On Purpose 

The actor, who is 42 years old, said he isn't deliberately getting women pregnant since he has practiced birth control — yet his partners still got pregnant.

Done With Having Kids?

Nick Cannon hosting America's Got Talent
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Howie asked if Cannon had finished having kids, and Nick replied, "I guess … yeah? I don't wanna say yeah, and then, like, it's the reproductive system … it could happen at any time … I'm good with my dozen."

Learning To Be A Responsible Dad

Nick Cannon at America's Got Talent
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"I'm trying to be as responsible as possible, learning lessons," he further added.

11-Year Old Twins

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The actor shares 11-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan, with ex-Mariah Carey. The singer-actor duo were married from 2008 to 2016.

The Twins Love Having So Many Siblings

The Masked Singer judge raved about his 11-year-old twins. He said that the twins just love having so many brothers and sisters. Nick further revealed to the host that they have fun and are the eldest. 

Nick Mused About The Twins Turning 16 

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"But who knows where that will go when 16 hits?" Nick pondered. "I'm just trying to pay close attention to it and be as honest (with them)."

Challenging Conversations With The Twins

Nick Cannon hosting the Masked Singer
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Nick also admitted that he has already had difficult discussions with his twins. They will turn 12 on April 30th.

Children With Brittany Bell

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He also has two sons Golden Sagon, 6, and Rise Messiah Cannon, six months, and a daughter named Powerful Queen, 2, with Brittany Bell.

21-Month-Old Twins

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He is also the father of twins Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, who are 21 months old.

Daughter With Abby De La Rosa

Nick Cannon at the  Masked Singer
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He shares his daughter Beautiful Zeppelin, four months, with Abby De La Rosa.

Eight and Five-Month-Old Son and Daughter

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His eight-month-old son, Legendary Love's mother, is Bre Tiesi. He shares a five-month-old daughter, Onyx Ice Cole, with LaNisha Cole. 

Children With Alyssa Scott

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Nick ended his busy baby-filled year with the birth of his daughter, Halo Marie, with Alyssa Scott. She was born after they lost their son, Zen, to brain cancer in 2021.

Alyssa’s Post On Zen’s Death

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"Zen's time on this earth would be limited. We knew he would not make it to see six months. I am eternally grateful he was in the arms of the people who loved him most," Alyssa wrote in an Instagram post.

Nick’s Statement Over Zen’s Death

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"Over the weekend, I lost my youngest son to a condition called hydrocephalus that is pretty much a malignant, midline brain tumor — brain cancer," Nick said.

Nick Forgot Onyx!

Just recently, Nick forgot to name his daughter, Onyx, when asked if he could list all his children. "Ah, no!" he said to Howard Stern earlier this month when he reminded Nick that he didn't take one of his kids' names. "You know, I did. You threw me off because I was going in order," Nick retorted. 

Trouble With LaNisha 

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Howard then jokingly replied, "Poor Onyx," to which Nick acknowledged that he would be in trouble with the mother of his child — who already has been open with her critique of  Nick's parenting style. 

LaNisha’s Shady Instagram Post

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LaNisha subtly shaded Nick on social media, sharing photos of their daughter, Onyx, after the interview went on air. She ended her cryptic statement by saying, "I pray daily for strength, guidance, and peace. Regardless of where I'm at on my path, I know that God's got me. And I've got Onyx."

Backlash For Having 12 Kids

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Nick has gotten constant backlash for having  12 children with six different women. However,  he always responds to the haters with comedy. During an interview with Audacy's Hot 104.1, when he was told that his "pull-out game is trash," he replied, "My insert game is amazing."

Nick Embraces Fatherhood Wholeheartedly

Nick Cannon at America's Got Talent
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Despite the ups and downs, the actor maintained that he welcomes every point of being a father. "Everything is challenging, but I get to see all my children in one day and see them every day when I'm in town. Even when I'm not in town, I take them with me," he said. "I love the challenge."