Gwendlyn Brown: Robyn Brown 'No Longer Sees Herself As Part Of The Family'

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Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown, didn't hold back this time for speaking out against Robyn Brown, one of the four wives of polygamist, Kody Brown. Gwendlyn publicly criticized Robyn's plan of uniting the entire family and stated that Robyn no longer considers herself a member of this family.

‘Sister Wives’, AKA The Browns

Husband Kody, wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn,
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Husband Kody, wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, and their seventeen kids are known as “The Browns”. They are public polygamists and celebrities on the TLC reality show Sister Wives.


Christine Brown Left Her Husband

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Christine Brown said hearing Kody Brown admit he was no longer attracted to her was the turning point in their 25-year relationship. She stated, "It was awful to hear. And it's quite embarrassing."

Robyn Brown, Only And Controversial Personality

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Kody’s other wives have also moved on from the relationship. Robyn Brown, is the only wife still in an active relationship with Kody. She is no stranger to controversy and recently stated on the show that she has always hoped their polygamist family would stay together.


All About Gwendyln Brown 

Gwendlyn Brown is Kody and Christine Brown's daughter. She is Kody's tenth child and Christine's fourth. The girl grew up onscreen and is now a remarkable Northern Arizona University student.

Gwendlyn Dislikes Robyn Brown 

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Kody Brown denied having a "favorite" wife, but he did admit to preferring his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. Perhaps this is why Gwendlyn dislikes Robyn Brown "as an individual."

Cute But Unreal

She described the idea of Robyn, along with Kody, his exes, and their kids, getting together to celebrate something like the holidays as lovely and cute but unreal.

Robyn No Longer Sees Herself As A Family 

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Gwendlyn also stated that she is unsure whether Robyn can be reunited with the family as she no longer sees herself as a member of this big family. Gwendlyn claimed that she was unsure whether her stepmom would allow that to happen to her children.

Christine And Janelle Accused Browns Of Favoring Robyn

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After Christine and Janelle Brown accused the Brown family patriarch of favoring Robyn and her children, tensions in the polygamist family grew as time went by.

Robyn Isn't A Person To Be Talked About Emotions

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Even now, Gwendlyn believes Robyn isn't the best person to discuss one's feelings with. Fans believe that she is speaking from her personal experience with Robyn.


Gwendlyn Believes Robyn Is Manipulative 

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Talking about Robyn, Gwendlyn said, “She doesn't feel like this perfect person to talk through your emotions. When she says she is and she claims it's going to be this little one-on-one, it feels -- at the risk of sounding like I'm accusing her of being this bad person -- it feels manipulative to me."

Fans Calling Robyn Brown Tiresome and Manipulative 

Last year, Robyn Brown's fans had enough of her, labeling her "tiresome" and "manipulative." They even called her out on Instagram as fans flocked to her most recent post to express their views about her.


Kody's Daughter Is Not Allowed To Criticize Her Stepmom 

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Gwendlyn also stated that she is not permitted to criticize Robyn when Kody is there. Just another reason added to the list of reasons why Robyn is Kody's favorite!


Robyn Is A Wonderful Woman! Is She Really?

Gwendlyn claimed that if she ever had an issue with Robyn, she was always told not to ever disrespect Robyn again. She continues, stating how Kody praises Robyn "She's this perfect, magical, beautiful, and wonderful being."



No Excitement At All! 

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Though Gwendlyn is attached to the Sister Wives show, she claims she feels detached, like a typical viewer, while recapping the episodes on her YouTube channel. 


Poor Girl Feels Left Out

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This 21-year-old stated that when she watches the show, sometimes she forgets that she's one of these people, that she’s also part of the family.

Gwendlyn Expresses Her Concerns 

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She shared her disappointment by saying, "When I watch it, I'm this completely separate person, which is probably not good."

The Reality Doesn't Seem Real Anymore 

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She further stated, “when you're watching the show and you see these people as people on TV, you start to see them as less human and more entertainment.”

Parents Are Not To Be Seen As An Entertainment!

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Gwendlyn admitted that viewing these people more as a form of entertainment is not a good way for her to think of her parents.

What's More? Is There More Drama To Come?

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The family has broken apart after three of Kody’s wives split up with him. While Robyn is hopeful that the family can still stay together despite the split, Gwendlyn remains skeptical.