Serena Williams' Surprise Pregnancy Announcement at 2023 Met Gala

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Serena Williams at the Met Gala

A year after announcing that she would "evolve" away from playing tennis, world-famous tennis champion Serena Williams is pregnant. The 23-time Grand Slam title holder took everyone by surprise when she announced her second pregnancy at the 2023 Met Gala. Meanwhile, Serena wasn't the only one to show off her baby bump at the event.

Serena Williams Is Expecting A Second Baby 

Serena Williams drinking during a tennis game break
Flickr | Beautiful Tennis

Serena Williams had good news to share at the 2023 Met Gala ceremony held on Monday, May 1. The Tennis champion arrived accompanied by her husband with a ball-sized baby bump.   

Serena Showed Off Baby Bump To Reporters

The 41-year-old confirmed that she was pregnant to reporters when she walked the red carpet and posed for pictures. She also quipped that three people were invited to the star-studded event. 

Serena Walks The Red Carpet Pregnant A Second Time

Meanwhile, Serena Williams is no stranger to showing off her baby bump on the red carpet. She walked the red carpet at the 2017 Met Gala when she was pregnant with her first child. 

Serena Williams Wore Gucci

Expecting a baby didn't stop Serena from shining on the red carpet. She arrived dressed in a body-clinging black Gucci dress that accentuated her curves. Her dress ended above the knee before it fanned out into a white skirt that trailed behind her. 

Serena And Alexis Wore Matching Outfits

The tennis player and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, simply twinned with one another with their white and black attires. The Reddit co-founder wore a black tuxedo with a white shirt and black bow tie. 

Serena Announced Her Pregnancy On Social Media

Serena also shared the good news with fans on Monday. The mother of one took to TikTok and Instagram where she posted a carousel of herself and her husband at the event. 

"Was so excited when Anna Wintour invited the three of us to the Met Gala," Serena captioned her posts. 

Followers Congratulate Serena

Serena Williams waving at fans
Giphy | US Open

Friends and fans of the sportswoman received her announcement with joy. Congratulations!! Ciara wrote and added three heart emojis. Shereé Whitfield and Michael Jordan also joined the extensive list of those who congratulated the distinguished tennis player. 

Serena Stepped Away From Tennis Because Of Her Family

Fans may not be surprised by the news of Serena's pregnancy since she already revealed her intentions earlier on. The entrepreneur announced in August 2022 that she was evolving away from tennis to focus on her family. 

Olympia Wanted A Sibling 

In her essay captured in Vogue, Serena Williams explained that her daughter wanted a sibling. She confessed her dilemma as to whether to continue playing tennis or expand her family. 

Serena Williams Wasn't Sure About Having Children

Meanwhile, Serena Williams revealed in her essay that she wasn't sure she would have children when she was just starting her career. However, her daughter, Olympia, means the world to her now. 

Having A Family Changed Serena Williams' Life

Serena told People in 2021 that her husband and daughter make her happy. She admitted that starting a family helped her realize what is most important and shifted her world. 

Serena Williams Played While Pregnant

A Snapchat photo that Serena accidentally shared in 2017 revealed that she was eight weeks pregnant when she played in the Australian Open that same year. Interestingly, she also won the game. Her strength and dedication at the time caught many people's attention. 

Serena Williams Had A Complicated First Delivery

Serena Williams striking the tennis ball
Flickr | Tom Siebert

Serena had a difficult childbirth experience in 2017 with her first child, Olympia. After an emergency Cesarean section to save the baby, the tennis player suffered a life-threatening condition. 

Serena Wiliams Had A Pulmonary Embolism

Thanks to her wounds popping open after a coughing fit, doctors discovered that several blood clots had formed in Serena's body. The new mom previously suffered from the condition in 2011. 

Serena Took A While To Recover

The then-new mom needed quite some time to recover from her wounds and pulmonary embolism. Serena took a six-week bed rest in order to heal. 

Serena Wanted A Natural Birth

The award-winning tennis champion also told People after the delivery that she wanted to experience a natural birth. However, she confessed that she is more grateful that her daughter was okay. 

Serena Williams May Be Getting A Successor

Serena also previously recounted her heartbreak that her daughter has no interest in playing tennis although she is quite good at it. However, all hope might not be lost as the new baby may follow her passion. 

Karlie Kloss Also Turned Up Pregnant 

Serena had company at the 2023 Met Gala event. Top model Karlie Kloss also showed up with her baby bump. The former Victoria's Secret Angel is expecting her second child with her spouse, Joshua Kushner. 

Karlie Kloss Wanted To Keep Her Pregnancy A Secret 

Karlie rocked a long black dress that highlighted her curves and showed off her big belly. The supermodel told reporters that she chose to keep her pregnancy under wraps and only reveal it at the Gala.