💔 Husband Loses Family to Covid, Wife Defends Him Against Cruel Relatives 🤬

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Imagine losing your entire family to Covid, witnessing their deaths, and then being laid off from work. That's the reality for one husband, who's now facing cruel comments and ridicule from his wife's family. But his wife isn't taking it lying down. She's standing up for her grieving husband, defending him against her heartless relatives. Let's dive into this emotional rollercoaster of a story. 😢💔

A Tragic Loss 💔

samus_liam | samus_liam

The Struggle at Home 😢

samus_liam | samus_liam

Depression Takes Over 😞

samus_liam | samus_liam

Intimacy and Emotional Conversations 😔

samus_liam | samus_liam

Anxiety Attack and Family's Cruelty 😠

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Mocking Turns to Reality 🚑

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A Private Meeting 🤨

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Defending Her Husband 💪

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Questioning His Manhood 😡

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Standing Up to Her Family 🙅‍♀️

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Daughters' Support ✊

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Wife Fights Back Against Heartless Family 💔👊

After her husband tragically lost his family to Covid and was laid off, he became a stay-at-home father and struggled with depression. When his wife's family mocked him during an anxiety attack and questioned his manhood, she fiercely defended him. Her daughters fully support her decision, but her husband worries she made him look spineless. Let's see what the internet has to say about this emotional and heart-wrenching situation... 💬

Supportive comment encourages therapy for husband after family tragedy. 👏

idrow1 | idrow1

Wife defends grieving husband against cruel relatives. NTA. ❤️

By-the-Emperors | By-the-Emperors

Defending husband's grief against insensitive family, NTA 👏

thelioness0809 | thelioness0809

Wife defends husband against cruel relatives, needs advice for therapy 💪

TheUtopianCat | TheUtopianCat

Depression is a real illness, and it should not reflect on him as a person. 🙏

duckinmotion | duckinmotion

Confusion over hospital staffing amidst Covid-19 crisis 🤔

FjohurslikeU | FjohurslikeU

Defending her grieving husband against cruel relatives during pandemic gathering.

autumncurly14 | autumncurly14

Defended husband after family's Covid deaths, but criticized for gathering.

Lava_Lemon | Lava_Lemon

Encouraging comment suggests therapy for husband's trauma and grief. 🙏

mercyofnod | mercyofnod

Supportive comment shows compassion for grieving wife and husband ❤️

Dandilionessinmess | Dandilionessinmess

NTA. Supportive spouse defends grieving husband against cruel relatives. 💔

hidinginthepantry | hidinginthepantry

Supportive comment suggests grief counseling and ignoring cruel relatives. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

👏 Wife defends husband against cruel relatives, sets firm boundaries. #NTA

CarlowCarlo | CarlowCarlo

Spouse defends partner against cruel relatives during mental health crisis. #NTA

JabbaInBlueJeans | JabbaInBlueJeans

Defending spouse from family's abuse: NTA wins the day! 👏

fakemonalisa | fakemonalisa

Defending husband against cruel relatives, NTA comment wins support 👏

Elfich47 | Elfich47

Asking for help doesn't make you less strong 👏

MeiMei91 | MeiMei91

Heartless family ridicules grieving husband, wife defends and cuts ties. 💔

JustheBean | JustheBean

👏 Standing up for her husband against cruel relatives. Real strength 💪

RollingKatamari | RollingKatamari

Defending honesty: Wife not at fault for husband's denial. 👍

cMeeber | cMeeber

Encouraging therapy for grieving husband 💛

Khranbairye | Khranbairye

Wife defends husband against cruel relatives, earns NTA judgment 👏

No-Collar8400 | No-Collar8400

Defending husband with mental health issues against cruel family members. NTA 👏

GoddessofWind | GoddessofWind

Defending family from cruel relatives. Encouraging husband to seek help. 🙏🏻

TowerFlashy4192 | TowerFlashy4192

Defending spouse against cruel family. Partners support each other. #NTA

Renbarre | Renbarre

Therapy isn't for the weak, it's for those who need help. 💪

h_witko | h_witko

💕 Supportive comment offers condolences and therapy suggestions for couple's healing.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Definitely NTA. Family should support, not tear down grieving husband. 🙏

Banannieeee | Banannieeee

Defending a grieving spouse. Empathy over judgment. 👍

Lead-Forsaken | Lead-Forsaken

Supportive comment suggests therapy for grieving husband, condemns cruel family.

Practical_Heart7287 | Practical_Heart7287

NTA, a heartwarming display of family support during tough times ❤️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Defending her husband against cruel relatives, 100% NTA 👏

DinoDracko | DinoDracko

Cultural norms around grief need to change; NTA for defending husband. ❤

tyrannosiris | tyrannosiris

Defending her grieving husband from cruel relatives. NTA 🙏

Krisbist | Krisbist

Defending husband who lost family to Covid against toxic relatives. 🙏

UisgeRuithe | UisgeRuithe

Comparing therapy to physical exercise for mental and emotional strength 💪

sequentialscott | sequentialscott

Heartless relatives mock husband's loss, wife and kids defend him ❤️

BDThrills | BDThrills

Defending love against cowardly family members 💔❤️

MadMaudlin25 | MadMaudlin25

Supportive spouse defends husband's mental health, cuts off toxic relatives. ❤️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Taking care of mental health is not weak. #EndTheStigma 👏

GeekyMom42 | GeekyMom42

Defending a grieving spouse against cruel relatives 💔

Unsolicitedadvice13 | Unsolicitedadvice13

Encouraging comment suggests therapy for husband's mental health struggles. 👍

PossibleCheque | PossibleCheque

NTA. Losing 3 family members unexpectedly is incredibly hard. Stay strong.

Watchingpornwithcas | Watchingpornwithcas

NTA defends husband against cruel relatives, offers mental health resources. 🙏

jaelythe4781 | jaelythe4781

NTA, husband deserves support and therapy, not abandonment. 👏

The_Bookish_One | The_Bookish_One

Defending against toxic masculinity and suicide stigma. 👏

SoybeanArson | SoybeanArson

Spouse defends grieving partner against cruel relatives. 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Defending spouse against toxic family, calling out ableism. NTA 👏

Huntokar_Goddess | Huntokar_Goddess

👍Wife defends grieving husband against unsympathetic family. NTA.

Practical-Big7550 | Practical-Big7550

Defending spouse against cruel relatives, NTA prevails. 👏

Consistent_Mirror | Consistent_Mirror

Defending her husband against cruel relatives, NTA prevails 👏

Sassy-Starfish | Sassy-Starfish

👏 Empathetic wife defends grieving husband against cruel relatives. #NTA

Glass_and_Coins | Glass_and_Coins

Defending spouse with mental illness against cruel family. 👏

Aegis_001 | Aegis_001

Breaking the stereotype: Men are allowed to be sad too 😢

fdbw03 | fdbw03

Breaking the stigma around men's mental health. 👍

floptical87 | floptical87

Encouraging comment suggests getting help for struggling husband ❤️

Qdoggy45 | Qdoggy45

Defending husband who lost parents to Covid, facing cruel relatives. 👏

BloodQueen93 | BloodQueen93

Encouraging comment suggests therapy for husband and wife, criticizes relatives.

underscore197 | underscore197

Supportive comment encourages seeking therapy, tells off cruel relatives. 👏

Demarinshi01 | Demarinshi01

NTA. OP's family sucks. Glad her husband has her support. ❤️

MrPureinstinct | MrPureinstinct

NTA. Family should support, not shame, during difficult times. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Wife defends husband against cruel relatives, but he needs help 😢

[deleted] | [deleted]

Be a support beam for your loved ones during tough times 💖

sapphicsapphires | sapphicsapphires

Defending your spouse is always the right thing to do! 👏

spacejoint | spacejoint

Gender issues arise in comment section. 😕

isshindoutai56 | isshindoutai56

Defending husband against cruel relatives after losing family to Covid. NTA 👏

gameofthrones_addict | gameofthrones_addict

Defending a grieving husband against cruel relatives. 👏

Legitimate-Button-96 | Legitimate-Button-96

Defending husband who lost family to Covid against cruel relatives ❤️

Ueverthinkwhy | Ueverthinkwhy

Encouraging comment on seeking help and therapy for husband's grief 🙏

abjectobsolescence | abjectobsolescence

Losing 3 family members in a week is devastating 😢. NTA. Seek therapy.

shaikhsohel52 | shaikhsohel52

Therapy can be helpful for maintenance and repair 🤬

Suspicious_Mirror | Suspicious_Mirror

Supportive comment. Encourages seeking help for grieving husband. ❤️

fromhelley | fromhelley

Supportive comment suggests therapy for husband and praises partner's defense ❤️

Im_not_nice81 | Im_not_nice81

Defending husband's mental health against cruel family. ❤️

pacalaga | pacalaga

Defending a depressed spouse against cruel relatives. 😢

Irishkickoff | Irishkickoff

Encouraging response to a struggling husband dealing with loss. ❤️

Cent1234 | Cent1234

Comparing emotional pain to physical injury, counseling is necessary 💪

CatAnne119 | CatAnne119

Empathy and support are crucial during times of tragedy. 💔

conancas | conancas

Stand by your husband. Ignore the cruel relatives. 👏

paradox_oxymoron1 | paradox_oxymoron1

👏👏👏 Great job supporting your husband through a tough time.

CarminaRoberts | CarminaRoberts

Empathy is the bare minimum. NTA for defending him. 👏

soundspretty | soundspretty

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