Man Chooses Dying Mom Over Baby's Birth 😲💔

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A 36-year-old man found himself in the middle of a heart-wrenching dilemma when his wife asked him to choose between being present for the birth of their first child or saying goodbye to his dying mother. With his mom diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and his wife expecting their baby soon, the man's answer left his wife furious and him questioning if he made the right choice. 😥💔

The Heartbreaking Choice 🤔

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A Man's Dilemma 😓

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Mom's Struggle 😢

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A Life of Sacrifice 🙏

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Grateful Son 💕

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The Fateful Question 😮

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His Choice 💔

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Wife's Reaction 😠

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Kicked Out 😞

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Clarifications 📝

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His Side of the Story 🗣️

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Supportive Husband? 💑

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More Clarifications 📝

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Mom's Situation 🏥

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Wife's Priorities 🤷

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His Efforts 💪

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No Apologies? 🚫

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To Choose or Not to Choose 🤷‍♂️

Facing an impossible choice between his dying mother and his unborn child, this man's decision left his wife fuming and their relationship strained. Despite clarifications and attempts to justify his choice, the question remains: did he make the right call? 🤔💔 Let's see what people think of this heart-wrenching situation...

Balancing the dying mother and a friend's baby's birth 👨‍👩‍👧💔

MsBlack2life | MsBlack2life

Engaging plan for a difficult decision. NAH. 👏

Global_Monk_5778 | Global_Monk_5778

Choosing between dying mom and baby's birth, tough decision. NAH.

CrabbiestAsp | CrabbiestAsp

A mother's fear of childbirth complications and being alone. 😱

Nari-Trickster | Nari-Trickster

Pregnant woman's fear of giving birth alone sparks empathy and advice.

Jeezy_Creezy_18 | Jeezy_Creezy_18

Curious comment raises doubts about the story's authenticity.

blueeyed94 | blueeyed94

Balancing priorities can be tough, even in difficult situations. 🤔

Dear_Parsnip_6802 | Dear_Parsnip_6802

Address your wife's needs and apologize, don't be YTA 👍

PaceNo4108 | PaceNo4108

A reminder from a mom that children don't owe their parents.

Simple_Proof_721 | Simple_Proof_721

Choosing between deaths is not easy, be there for family 💔

Future_Direction5174 | Future_Direction5174

Choosing dying mom over baby's birth - NTA comment.

PhoneRegrets | PhoneRegrets

Heartbreaking situation for all, NAH. Wife must feel alone 😢

Designer_Lie_8610 | Designer_Lie_8610

Supportive comment suggests making a plan for childbirth emergencies.

Winterblue24 | Winterblue24

Advocating for women during childbirth is crucial. 💪🏻

riyuzqki | riyuzqki

Prioritizing mom's death over child's birth? YTA according to comment.

the_blkdog1 | the_blkdog1

Supportive comment acknowledges the emotional complexity of the situation. 👏

alba876 | alba876

Man chooses dying mom over wife's childbirth, gets called out

pizzaisapie69 | pizzaisapie69

Wife's health during childbirth should also be a priority 😔

mindless_contempt | mindless_contempt

NAH for the circumstance but YTA for how you handled it.

real_live_mermaid | real_live_mermaid

Choosing dying mom over baby's birth: Is it justified? 🤔

TipsyBaker_ | TipsyBaker_

Mom and grandma would be pissed if son missed birth.

alegna12 | alegna12

Is the husband neglecting his responsibilities? 🤔

kyriedollx0x0 | kyriedollx0x0

Insensitive comment sparks backlash from readers 🤯

Walsfeo | Walsfeo

Prioritizing dying mom over baby's birth causing marital tension 🤷‍♂️

illabeth | illabeth

Man criticized for choosing dying mom over baby's birth 🤦‍♂️

TenSixDreamSlide | TenSixDreamSlide

Choosing dying mom over baby's birth - NTA, but consider consequences 😲

Todd_and_Margo | Todd_and_Margo

Discuss emergency plan with wife and assign decision-maker. NAH.

throwRA094532 | throwRA094532

Supportive comment about husband choosing dying mother over baby's birth

wereallcrazy2023 | wereallcrazy2023

Honesty and communication are key in tough situations. 👍

natasharevolution | natasharevolution

NTA for choosing mom, but YTA for making wife the bad guy. 😑

meggyhill | meggyhill

Difficult choice but NTA. Pregnancy hormones can affect judgments. 👍

Candid-Expression-51 | Candid-Expression-51

User criticizes OP's decision to prioritize his feelings over others.

Effective-Ear-1757 | Effective-Ear-1757

Choosing dying mom over baby's birth - NTA, wife understands ❤️

HogwartsTraveler | HogwartsTraveler

Touching comment on choosing dying mom over baby's birth 💔

GirWaffles2013 | GirWaffles2013

Spouse offers obvious answer, but man chooses danger instead 🤷🏻‍♂️

I_am_Reddit_Tom | I_am_Reddit_Tom

Choosing dying mom over baby's birth. NTA, hypothetical fight picking.

Savannah_living_18 | Savannah_living_18

Mother of four and aspiring L&D nurse advises choosing child's birth.

bex-is-bored | bex-is-bored

Choosing dying mom over baby's birth - NTA, get therapy.

Lower-Calligrapher98 | Lower-Calligrapher98

Sympathy for hypothetical situation of choosing between mom and baby.

Classic-Delivery3875 | Classic-Delivery3875

Wife's motive questioned, but NTA for choosing dying mother 👍

Daphne_Brown | Daphne_Brown

Husband chooses dying mom over baby's birth, wife fears traumatic birth

vocalboots | vocalboots

A grateful daughter-in-law prioritizes her mother-in-law over labor.

forgotusername314 | forgotusername314

Choosing between dying mom and baby's birth, NTA handles situation.

momsterjams | momsterjams

Tough choice between mom's death and baby's birth 😭

Gryphon_1225 | Gryphon_1225

Choosing between loved ones is impossible, but triage is key 🙏

Specialist-Moose6052 | Specialist-Moose6052

NTA! Mom's ultimatum was unfair and uncalled for 👍

quiet_monsters | quiet_monsters

Balancing priorities: Wife, mom, and baby. Open communication is key 💜

pandora840 | pandora840

Putting dying mom first, NTA. Women sometimes ask daft questions.

Dumbo2928 | Dumbo2928

Heartfelt comment about a tough decision with supportive tone 😢

gg021 | gg021

Heartfelt advice from a mother who lost her own to cancer 💔

EfficientSky9009 | EfficientSky9009

Prioritizing dying mom over pregnancy sparks debate among commenters.

Mindless_Ad_1977 | Mindless_Ad_1977

Supportive comment defends man's choice to be with dying mother 👍

LobsterLeather5863 | LobsterLeather5863

Choosing to be with dying parent over baby's birth. NTA.

Denialle | Denialle

User criticizes wife's immaturity and prioritizes dying mother over baby.

Silent-Friendship860 | Silent-Friendship860

Woman shares similar experience and supports NTA's decision. 👍

luvthemscarystories | luvthemscarystories

Having a plan for emergencies is important for all couples 🙌

PegShop | PegShop

Choosing dying mom over baby's birth - NTA, hard decision.

throwitaway3857 | throwitaway3857

Navigating a Kobayashi Maru situation, NTA for prioritizing mom.

WA_State_Buckeye | WA_State_Buckeye

Woman defends man's choice to be with dying mother. NTA.

ThrowRAFarFetch | ThrowRAFarFetch

Supportive comment encourages spending time with dying mother ❤️

Naramie92 | Naramie92

A harsh but fair criticism of the wife's behavior 😕

Connect_Intention_36 | Connect_Intention_36

Choosing between dying mom and baby's birth. NTA, but tough.

guineasomelove | guineasomelove

Choosing between dying mom and baby's birth, NTA. Support wife.

HalcyonDreams36 | HalcyonDreams36

Supportive comment encourages prioritizing dying mother over baby's birth 🙏

Tally-kat | Tally-kat

NTA shuts down mom's inappropriate question with honesty 👍

SeparateDisaster2068 | SeparateDisaster2068

Choosing dying mom over baby's birth, NTA. Check wife's attitude 👍

Forward_Pirate_5169 | Forward_Pirate_5169

Putting family first. NTA for choosing dying mom over baby's birth 👏

jb4380 | jb4380

Choosing between dying mom and baby's birth - NTA 🙏

Witty_TLS_1973 | Witty_TLS_1973

Balancing joy and grief: A tough choice for NAH commentator 💔

ggfangirl85 | ggfangirl85

Reassuring support for a scared first-time mom-to-be 😊

Short_Ad_9383 | Short_Ad_9383

Choosing dying parent over baby's birth. NTA. 👍

santtu_ | santtu_

Wife's behavior towards dying mother-in-law is unacceptable 👎

EmpressPear | EmpressPear

Choosing dying mom over baby's birth: NTA according to commenter

Fuzzy_Plastic | Fuzzy_Plastic

Choosing dying mom over baby's birth is NTA, commenters agree.

PauliousMaximus | PauliousMaximus

Choosing dying mom over baby's birth - NTA, suggests FaceTime compromise.

Silver_Box_5018 | Silver_Box_5018

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