Sister Refuses to Donate Egg for Brother's Family Dream 🥚💔

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Siblings often make promises to each other, but what happens when one of them breaks your trust? Our protagonist, a 32-year-old woman, is facing a moral dilemma that's tearing her family apart. Years ago, she promised to donate her egg to her brother and his then-husband, but after a messy divorce and some questionable decisions, she's having second thoughts. Now, her brother is ready to start a family with his new husband, and he's calling in that favor. But is she obligated to keep her promise, even if it goes against her morals? Let's dive into the story and find out. 😮

A Family Dream 🏡

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The Perfect Plan 👨‍👨‍👧

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A Promise Made 💗

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A Beach House Project 🏖️

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Enter the Architect 📐

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A Heartbreaking Betrayal 💔

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A Quick Remarriage ⏩

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The Aftermath 🌪️

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Keeping Her Distance 🚧

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The Promise Resurfaces ⏰

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A Change of Heart 💔

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Family Pressure 🥺

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Torn Between Loyalty and Morals 🤔

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A Child Caught in the Middle 🤱

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To Keep or Break a Promise? 🤷‍♀️

Our protagonist is caught in a whirlwind of emotions as she grapples with her broken promise. She had agreed to donate her egg to her brother and his then-husband, but after a heartbreaking betrayal and a hasty remarriage, she's having second thoughts. Her family, including her husband, is pressuring her to keep her promise, but she's torn between loyalty to her friend Martin and her own morals. It's a tough decision, and the stakes are high - a child's future hangs in the balance. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🧐

Brother wants egg, but commenter says body, choice, NTA 👍

Old_Cheek1076 | Old_Cheek1076

Keeping promises matters, but boundaries matter more. 🤝

Status-Pattern7539 | Status-Pattern7539

Keeping promises matters, NTA for changing mind about egg donation.

FloppyEaredDog | FloppyEaredDog

Sibling drama and broken promises. NTAs all around. 😕

Dachshundmom5 | Dachshundmom5

IVF process is invasive and expensive. No one can demand it.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sibling loyalty questioned over egg donation for brother's family dream. 👥

iamnoking | iamnoking

Supportive comment for OP's decision and concern for Martin.

AlannaAdvice | AlannaAdvice

Sibling drama and wedding vows, NTA wins 🎉

JohnRedcornMassage | JohnRedcornMassage

Debating the ethics of egg donation for a family dream 🥚

Noyou21 | Noyou21

Empowering response to sister's egg donation refusal. ✌🏻

ajkclay05 | ajkclay05

NTA. Commenter explains why sister shouldn't donate egg for brother's family dream.

MaryAnne0601 | MaryAnne0601

Changing your mind is valid. Family pressuring you isn't okay. 👍

theferal1 | theferal1

Donating an egg is not easy peasy like donating sperm. NTA.

Fancy-Meaning-8078 | Fancy-Meaning-8078

Sibling drama over egg donation for brother's family dream. NTA.

Knickers1978 | Knickers1978

Sibling drama and karma in the comments section 👍

forgotme5 | forgotme5

Egg donation is serious business, and it's okay to change plans 👍

Mysterious_Spell_302 | Mysterious_Spell_302

Donating an egg is a lot of work 🤬. NTA for changing mind.

teambrendawalsh | teambrendawalsh

Sibling refuses egg donation for brother's family dream. NTA.

okileggs1992 | okileggs1992

Sibling drama! NTA for changing your mind on egg donation.

carrie626 | carrie626

Egg donation isn't a 'takeback' and NTA for refusing 🥚

witchbrew7 | witchbrew7

Juicy gossip aside, commenter suggests buying another egg and surrogate.

[deleted] | [deleted]

No obligation to donate egg to brother's new partner. 🙅‍♀️

Mermaidtoo | Mermaidtoo

Egg donation is a serious procedure, NTA for declining 👏

Zli_komsija | Zli_komsija

Sibling loyalty questioned in egg donation dispute 💔

Traditional-Head2653 | Traditional-Head2653

Accusation of hypocrisy sparks debate in comment section 🤔

Frogsaresupreme88 | Frogsaresupreme88

Sassy reply to brother's request for egg donation. 😎

crispyliza | crispyliza

Education and personal choice are important in egg donation. 📚

aigret | aigret

NTA. Promise void after brother's ex-husband cheated/ left. Stand ground 👊

MD-Pepper | MD-Pepper

Fiery response to brother's broken promise accusation 💥

nightclubber69 | nightclubber69

Making a life-changing promise to a stranger is unreasonable. 👍

lacajuntiger | lacajuntiger

Don't let anyone guilt trip you into donating your eggs 👍

Amazing_Pie_6467 | Amazing_Pie_6467

Body autonomy prevails: No egg donation without legal contract. NTA.

fridopidodop | fridopidodop

Personal choice prevails. No one should pressure you. 👍

M1ssM0nkey | M1ssM0nkey

NTA. Egg donation isn't the same as lending a toaster 🍞

LenoreNevermore86 | LenoreNevermore86

Donating eggs is risky and invasive. NTA, your choice.

blackpawed | blackpawed

NTA. Withdrawing consent is valid. No one owes anyone a child 👏

Separate_Toe7811 | Separate_Toe7811

Clear and assertive response to family pressure for egg donation.

TheatreWolfeGirl | TheatreWolfeGirl

NTA. Your body, your choice. Don't let anyone guilt trip you 👍

FrodoBagg | FrodoBagg

Sibling loyalty questioned in egg donation dispute. NTA wins.

RiverSong_777 | RiverSong_777

Sibling conflict over egg donation for brother's family dream.

Humble_Nobody2884 | Humble_Nobody2884

Consent can be withdrawn, brother and husband can kick rocks 👊

LetMePetIt | LetMePetIt

Sibling drama over egg donation, NTA suggests finding alternative options.

Cornstalk84 | Cornstalk84

Body autonomy is important. NTA for withdrawing egg donation offer. 👍

MephistosFallen | MephistosFallen

Promises to original couple, not brother. NTA 👍

CiderMcbrandy | CiderMcbrandy

You made a promise based on a condition, NTA 👍

BrickQueen1205 | BrickQueen1205

Body autonomy reigns supreme, even when promises are broken. 👏

BlueMoonTone | BlueMoonTone

Promised egg donation, but NTA for changing mind. Grief counseling recommended.

ItsArtCrawl77 | ItsArtCrawl77

Stand your ground! Your body, your choice. NTA 👏

Kampfzwerg0 | Kampfzwerg0

Consent can be revoked at any time. NTAH. 👍

sn0tta | sn0tta

NTA commenter questions the brother's infidelity in a witty way.

My-2-Sense_ | My-2-Sense_

Canceling a non-binding promise to donate eggs - NTA 👍

valgrind_error | valgrind_error

Donating eggs is painful and invasive. You don't owe anyone.

souperkewlname | souperkewlname

Breaking a promise for personal reasons is understandable. NTA 👍

Disastrous_Thanks_33 | Disastrous_Thanks_33

Sibling drama and broken promises. NTA for holding your ground 👍

beefjerkyandcheetos | beefjerkyandcheetos

Sister stands her ground on egg donation for brother's family 👏

BestAd5844 | BestAd5844

User calls out brother's creepy behavior and advises against egg donation.

ttemmett | ttemmett

Sister stands her ground against gaslighting brother 💪

ironpole07 | ironpole07

Savage response to entitled brother. Martin got the eggs 😂

AdaDaTigr | AdaDaTigr

Promises and loyalty questioned in egg donation dispute 🤔

Smells_like_Autumn | Smells_like_Autumn

Respect OP's bodily autonomy and right to withdraw consent. 👍

Normal_Animal_5843 | Normal_Animal_5843

You don't owe anyone your eggs, and that's final. 💪

wineandsmut | wineandsmut

User defends sister's decision to not donate egg, calls out brother's hypocrisy. NTA 👏

ThrowRA_oddcat | ThrowRA_oddcat

Respectful comment defends bodily autonomy in egg donation debate 👏

VacaDLuffy | VacaDLuffy

Sister stands her ground on egg donation for brother's family 👏

FatFaceFaster | FatFaceFaster

NTA for refusing to donate egg, but can change mind 👍

This1akeeper | This1akeeper

Keeping promises goes both ways 👍

pigandpom | pigandpom

Family drama over egg donation, but other options available.

Bartok_The_Batty | Bartok_The_Batty

Validating decision not to donate egg for brother's family dream 👍

marheena | marheena

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