Entitled Friend Racks Up Tickets, Then DENIES Everything! 🚨🤥

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Buckle up, folks! 🚗💨 This story is a wild ride from start to finish! 🎢 Imagine being a good friend and lending your car to your bestie, only to have it come back with a side of parking tickets! 🎟️😱 Talk about a friendship test, am I right? 😅 But wait, it gets better (or worse, depending on how you look at it)! 🙈 Grab some popcorn 🍿 and get ready for a tale of denial, drama, and flying money! 💸🌪️

🚗 Borrowing My Car, What Could Go Wrong? 😅

kj401 | kj401

🙅‍♀️ Denial, Denial, Denial! 🤥

kj401 | kj401

💸 $130 Dilemma: To Snitch or Not to Snitch? 🤔

kj401 | kj401

🔥 Update: The Situation Heats Up! 🌶️

kj401 | kj401

📱 The Lengthy Text Saga Begins 📝

kj401 | kj401

🤥 Spinning the Truth Like a Pro! 🌪️

kj401 | kj401

🕵️‍♂️ The Truth Comes Out! 😱

kj401 | kj401

🙅‍♀️ Ditching the Study Sesh 📚

kj401 | kj401

🚪 Showdown at the Doorstep! 💥

kj401 | kj401

🎭 Putting on a Show for Mom! 🎬

kj401 | kj401

😱 Money Thrown in My Face! 💸

kj401 | kj401

🚨 Friendship Fiasco: Car Lending Gone Wrong! 🚗💥

Well, well, well... looks like lending your car to a friend can lead to a whole lot of drama! 🙊 Our poor protagonist found themselves in a sticky situation when their bestie borrowed their car and racked up some serious parking tickets! 🎟️😱 But instead of owning up to it, the friend decided to play the denial game! 🙅‍♀️🤥 Things got even messier when the truth started to unravel, and the friend's true colors began to show! 🌈😈 Let's see what the internet has to say about this friendship fiasco! 🌐💬

Friend denies parking tickets, OP calls her out with receipts. 💸

zukka924 | zukka924

Friend lies and racks up tickets, NTA seeks revenge 💯

stunning-stasis | stunning-stasis

Standing up for yourself and setting boundaries with entitled friends. 💪

Poplett | Poplett

Cut ties with this garbage friend and their ticket troubles. 🚫

AnotaCocktail | AnotaCocktail

Tell her to pay up or go to her parents 💵💰. Have proof ready.

rollercoaster_fan | rollercoaster_fan

Borrowed car, racked up tickets, and denied? NTA wins!

alansupra94 | alansupra94

Proving dates and requesting payment, NTA for asking help.

grittyislife | grittyislife

Support for taking action against entitled friend. 📲👊

usernameistaken-0 | usernameistaken-0

NTA lends car to entitled friend who denies responsibility for tickets. 🚗💸

[deleted] | [deleted]

Betraying a friend's secret is tough but NTA here 👍

NomNom83WasTaken | NomNom83WasTaken

Bad friend racks up tickets, NTA needs to cut ties 💔

lkvwfurry | lkvwfurry

Honesty is the best policy, even when tickets are involved 😅

18rfaz | 18rfaz

Hold entitled friend accountable for her actions and let her suffer 💪

Late-Term_Aborter | Late-Term_Aborter

Friend racks up tickets, won't pay. NTA suggests ultimatum.

RoboCat23 | RoboCat23

Age matters in this situation, but friendship is over. 💔

Cassinderella | Cassinderella

Don't let entitled friends take advantage of you 🚨

BlackSeranna | BlackSeranna

Set boundaries with entitled friend, but ultimatum with parents extreme.

RobotsFightingTrexes | RobotsFightingTrexes

Sue her in small claims court, don't tell her parents 👍

Lyn1987 | Lyn1987

Lending your car to a friend? Here's a clever tip!

Spideygirl1998 | Spideygirl1998

Don't loan your car out! 🚫 NTA takes no BS.

Tall-on-the-inside | Tall-on-the-inside

Friend crashes your car, expects you to pay? NTA!

Broken_our_love | Broken_our_love

Borrowed car, got tickets, lied. NTA wants to hold accountable. 🚨

[deleted] | [deleted]

Entitled friend lies about parking tickets, blames others, and cries.

KJ401 | KJ401

Lesson learned: Never trust someone who won't pay you back 👎

InAHundredYears | InAHundredYears

Valid concern about friend's behavior, possible underlying issues hinted at.

saturnsqsoul | saturnsqsoul

Friend's behavior excused but hormonal birth control is suggested 👍

s-mores | s-mores

Friend racks up tickets and doesn't care. NTA, tell parents 👍

beatrillpothead | beatrillpothead

Cut the cord! NTA's license at risk? 🤔

Azurko | Azurko

Hold her accountable and teach her a lesson. NTA 💪

catsarejerksattimes | catsarejerksattimes

NTA stands up for themselves against an entitled friend 👏

Regirex | Regirex

Be a compassionate friend, but also set boundaries. 🙏

Grezwal | Grezwal

Accusation and speculation, but satisfying conclusion. Good riddance! 💯

Kuwabara03 | Kuwabara03

Setting boundaries with entitled friend who won't pay up 💰

TeaRose0608 | TeaRose0608

Standing up for yourself and setting boundaries is NTA 👏

erratic_bonsai | erratic_bonsai

Don't let entitled friends take advantage of you. NTA.

obscureposter | obscureposter

Sneaky way to avoid entitled friend's ticket trouble. Clever! 🤔

jxndrkx | jxndrkx

Friend won't pay tickets? Threaten to tell parents. NTA 😜

deadlyhausfrau | deadlyhausfrau

NTA stands up to entitled friend who denies responsibility 💪

henchwench89 | henchwench89

Set a deadline for payment and involve parents if necessary. 💰

Willemvk | Willemvk

Standing up for yourself is always worth it. 💪

Smudgikins | Smudgikins

Grab a chair and popcorn, she's in for a lesson 👀🍿

Copthatroach | Copthatroach

Print proof, demand payment or involve parents to avoid arrest. 🚨

a1337sti | a1337sti

Stand up for yourself and make her pay the consequences 💪🚗💰

writer_girl-18 | writer_girl-18

Curious about the ticket type and costs, but NTA in general

KittytheKatMoon | KittytheKatMoon

Being a good friend doesn't mean being taken advantage of 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Lending your car does not mean you pay the fines 💸. Stand up for yourself or end the friendship 🤝

SirHumanTheHuman | SirHumanTheHuman

Lesson learned: never lend your car unless you trust them 🚫

lanadelbae22 | lanadelbae22

Lesson learned: never let anyone use your car. 🚫

justbearit | justbearit

Possible BPD diagnosis, OP NTA according to commenters

toobadiremember | toobadiremember

You're NTA, but cut ties with her ASAP. Unacceptable behavior.

stealthygal | stealthygal

Don't trust entitled friends with your car 🚫. NTA.

PetiteCaptain | PetiteCaptain

Stand up for yourself and threaten to sue if necessary 💪

NoApollonia | NoApollonia

Letting entitled friend borrow car = NTA, but risky move.

op3l | op3l

NTA comment brings humor to situation, girl gets punishment 🚗🙅

jokeyhaha | jokeyhaha

Glad the updates worked out! You stood up for yourself. 👏 NTA

28kanalcu | 28kanalcu

Lesson learned: don't lend your car to entitled friends 🚫

shaka893P | shaka893P

Cut ties with entitled friend to avoid drama-filled insanity 🤯

rlb199779 | rlb199779

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