😱 Mom FORCES Vegan Daughter to Cook MEAT as Punishment!

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🥗🥩 Get ready for a sizzling family drama that'll leave you questioning who's right and who's wrong! 😱 When a vegan teen clashes with her meat-eating family, things get spicy real quick! 🌶️ Mom tries her best to accommodate her daughter's lifestyle, but the teen's militant attitude pushes everyone to the brink. 😤 Buckle up, because this story is about to take a wild turn that'll have you picking sides faster than you can say "tofu"! 🤯

🥗 Vegan Daughter vs. 🥩 Meat-Eating Family: The Showdown! 😱

avegansmum | avegansmum

🍳 Mom's Cooking Dilemma: Accommodating a Vegan Teen 🤔

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🍽️ Separate Dishes, Same Cleaning Duty 🧼

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🚫 Parents Put Their Foot Down: No Forced Veganism! 😤

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🌶️ The Great Chili Catastrophe: Vegan Daughter's Revenge! 😈

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🤢 Dramatic Daughter: "The Smell is Too Much!" 🤮

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😡 Parents Livid: Wasting Food is Never Okay! 🚫

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🥗 Mom's Ultimatum: Eat the Vegan Food or Starve! 😠

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🥩 The Punishment: Vegan Daughter Must Cook Meat! 😱

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😢 Daughter's Meltdown: "You're Awful and Disgusting!" 😭

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🤔 Mom's Dilemma: Did I Go Too Far? 🧐

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👨‍👩‍👦 Family Divided: Husband and Brother Say Yes, Grandparents Say No! 🙅‍♀️

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🗳️ AITA? You Decide! 🤷‍♀️

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🥘 The Great Chili Showdown: Vegan Teen vs. Mom! 😱

In a shocking twist, the vegan daughter throws away an entire pot of chili, both vegan and meat-based, claiming the smell was too much to handle! 🤢 Mom, furious about the food waste, dishes out a punishment that has the internet divided. 😳 The teen is forced to buy and cook meat, leading to a meltdown of epic proportions! 😭 Now, the family is split on whether Mom went too far or if the punishment fit the crime. 🤔 Let's see what the internet has to say about this spicy situation! 🌶️🗳️

Taking responsibility for mistakes extends to veganism, too. 🌶️🍲

tritoeat | tritoeat

Vegan daughter recruits meat eaters, NTA enforces boundaries ✌️

lalacourtney | lalacourtney

Teens need to learn actions have consequences. 💪

anchovie_boi445 | anchovie_boi445

Daughter threw away food, mom made her replace it. NTA

Alert-Potato | Alert-Potato

Daughter wastes meat, mother's punishment is reasonable. NTA 👍

m_loquacious | m_loquacious

Respect goes both ways 🙌, wasting food is not ok 🙄

srtmadison | srtmadison

Daughter destroys food, mom makes her cook meat. NTA.

SirEDCaLot | SirEDCaLot

Forcing a vegan to cook meat is disgusting, ESH but OP is the bigger AH 😡

Kingishh | Kingishh

Daughter forced to cook meat as punishment, ESH according to comment.

SomeHSomeE | SomeHSomeE

ESH, but making a vegan cook meat? Kind of disgusting 🤮

jessicabarbeler | jessicabarbeler

Professional chef and psychologist suggest alternate punishment for vegan daughter.

Tsukebe0069 | Tsukebe0069

Vegan commenter sympathizes but reminds not to mess with food 🍔

lustylovebird | lustylovebird

Compensate for wasted food, don't force ethical dilemma punishment. ESH 😒

Entakill | Entakill

Respect goes both ways. Daughter should pay for wasted meal. 👍

qwertyop7 | qwertyop7

Vegan daughter's mother isn't TA for cooking meat. NTA wins.

Musashi10000 | Musashi10000

Logical consequence for wasted food. NTA 👍

MsFoxtrot | MsFoxtrot

Forcing a vegan child to cook meat is cruel and petty 🤷‍♀️

PointOfFingers | PointOfFingers

NTA, suggest vegan daughter cook dinner and appreciate effort. 🍕

squeakby | squeakby

Vegan daughter's dilemma: Can't stand meat smell, punishment involves meat cooking

Ambisextr0us | Ambisextr0us

Punishment not fitting the crime: ESH and handling meat 🤢

badwolf1013 | badwolf1013

NTA defends forcing daughter to cook meat to avoid wasting it. 👍

Traditional_Artist_3 | Traditional_Artist_3

Former vegetarian supports OP's parenting style. Waste of animals' lives.

GladArugula | GladArugula

NTA parent enforces consequences for daughter's food waste, supports veganism. 🌱

emmmmme_in_wien | emmmmme_in_wien

Understanding personal beliefs can lead to mutual tolerance 🙏

petefrombookham | petefrombookham

Vegan commenter supports NTA and calls out daughter's behavior.

lindslindslindsss | lindslindslindsss

Teens to young adults often adopt new beliefs and expect others to abide by them. NTA mother forces daughter to cook meat as punishment. 🍔👩‍🍳

[deleted] | [deleted]

Vegan defends non-vegan punishment, calls out wrong behavior. 🌱

thatphotogurl | thatphotogurl

Ethical vegan explains why shaming and wasting food aren't effective 🌱

crowderpea | crowderpea

Vegan daughter punished with meat cooking, but is it fair?

PilotSSB | PilotSSB

ESH: Both parties were wrong. Education would have been better.

Spork_over_fork | Spork_over_fork

Vegan commenter empathizes with daughter's feelings and suggests a compromise

zone6a | zone6a

NTA, daughter wasted food. Making her cook same amount reasonable 👍

mac4789 | mac4789

NTA for punishing daughter who wasted food, including meat.

xoemily | xoemily

Teen wants to be vegan but hates cooking meat. ESH.

hnsnrachel | hnsnrachel

Vegan guest throws away food, mom stops cooking for group. NTA.

WisslingWillow | WisslingWillow

Vegan commenter defends cooking meat and shares a tip 👍

0hb0ther1993 | 0hb0ther1993

Vegetarian commenter defends mom’s decision to make daughter cook meat. 🍕

Environmental_Green2 | Environmental_Green2

NTA. The comment emphasizes on the philosophy behind Veganism.

Prince-Lee | Prince-Lee

Vegan daughter demands personal chef; throws away meat as punishment.

ElephantJuiceYoyo | ElephantJuiceYoyo

Don't let your beliefs waste food and create more demand 🐍

Mikasa_EsSukasa | Mikasa_EsSukasa

NTA 👍 Daughter disrespected effort put into feeding family. Time for consequences. 🍴

HellcatPaz | HellcatPaz

Supportive of veganism, but NTA for not being forced to waste food 🥦🍖

bobo021292 | bobo021292

Vegan agrees: Daughter's behavior was stupid. NTA for tough punishment.

CreamingSleeve | CreamingSleeve

Newly vegan commenter supports mom's accountability lesson with empathy 💚

casscatx | casscatx

NTA. Vegan daughter wasted animal lives and resources. Food wastage unacceptable. 👍

Atwuin | Atwuin

Punishment too harsh, but not entirely unjustified. ESH. 🤷‍♀️

lordofdeat | lordofdeat

Encouraging a child to eat all parts of a meal with meat as a pescetarian parent. 👍

m0stlyharmle55 | m0stlyharmle55

Vegetarian and Texan husband coexist peacefully, daughter is difficult. NTA

StarbuckandTex | StarbuckandTex

NTA. Making her buy her own groceries and cook vegan dishes would have been a better lesson 👍

ProbeerNB | ProbeerNB

Vegan daughter wasted meat, mildly ESH. Punishment went too far.

casiotone403 | casiotone403

NTA for punishing daughter who wasted food and badgered others.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Respect goes both ways. Daughter needs to grow up.

Competitive_Tea2413 | Competitive_Tea2413

NTA teaches daughter to not waste food, wins at parenting 💪

hyzrn | hyzrn

Respectful vegan daughter should cook meat as punishment? NTA 👍

SnotDoods | SnotDoods

Valid point! 👍🏻 Let's reduce food waste 🍅

Triatomine | Triatomine

NTA, daughter should not force veganism and waste food 🥩🌱

TeaDidikai | TeaDidikai

NTA explains well, preparing daughter for future with peers 😌👍

scabbytoe | scabbytoe

NTA but should've found a better way to punish daughter 🤔

TheKhun | TheKhun

Engaging with sarcasm! 🤣 NTA parent shuts down annoying vegan daughter.

anyroominthetrunk | anyroominthetrunk

Suggesting therapy for daughter's control issues, possible eating disorder 😕

jamminclam | jamminclam

NTA defends parent's decision to make vegan daughter cook meat 🍖

iamthenightrn | iamthenightrn

NTA! Daughter needs to learn respect. Punishment was perfect 👏

lucky-283 | lucky-283

NTA: Daughter's hypocrisy confronted, veganism not about waste production ♻️

TheGreatNyanHobo | TheGreatNyanHobo

Vegan daughter gives bad rep to vegans, NTA for punishing.

NotSoSilentWatcher | NotSoSilentWatcher

NTA. 🌶️ Throwing out the chili caused unnecessary animal death.

madamsyntax | madamsyntax

Engaging with the ethics of veganism and supporting vegan options 🌱

TouchMyRustySpoon | TouchMyRustySpoon

Forcing someone to break ethical rules as punishment is wrong. 🙅‍♀️

tackles | tackles

Replacing destroyed property is a universal responsibility. 💪

Angio343 | Angio343

🥩 Daughter throws out meat, gets a taste of her own medicine. NTA

staggeredstag | staggeredstag

Vegan sister cooks meat for sick parents, OP NTA for teaching responsibility 👍

BoudikaCooks | BoudikaCooks

NTA. Parenting done right 👍 Lesson learned. Hopefully.

Hazelino | Hazelino

Teaching a lesson: NTA says daughter needs to adapt 💪🌱🍗

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, fair punishment but a mini fridge might be a solution 👍

crap_whats_not_taken | crap_whats_not_taken

Daughter wastes food, mom makes her replace it. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Replacing the cost and labor is fair. NTA 👍

3OrcsInATrenchcoat | 3OrcsInATrenchcoat

Respecting different beliefs goes both ways. NTA for teaching consequence.

cazsmash | cazsmash

Sister throws away food, gets what she deserves. NTA.

innerhellhound | innerhellhound

👍 Teaching responsibility and respect for others' choices at young age.

bayou_boat_trash | bayou_boat_trash

Respect her lifestyle but she disrespected yours. NTA 👍

ClawedRavenesque | ClawedRavenesque

Respect for others' morals is important, NTA did right 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Teaching valuable cooking skills while instilling empathy 🥦

WineStainedDress13 | WineStainedDress13

Vegan daughter gets a taste of her own medicine 🍔

keina172512 | keina172512

Teaching consequences and respect for food 🍲👩‍🍳

emp9th | emp9th

Respect is a two-way street 🙌 NTA taught a valuable lesson.

19rockland97 | 19rockland97

NTA. Commenter shares their experience and hopes for daughter's growth.

goodnightmoon0100 | goodnightmoon0100

Vegan daughter throws away edible chili, mother demands replacement. NTA.

joshua009dotcom | joshua009dotcom

Vegan daughter gets a taste of her own medicine 😂🥩

needanameonhere | needanameonhere

Daughter's wrong, but making her cook meat is also a**hole move 🤬

JessaCuh | JessaCuh

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