15+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘I Guess You’re Technically Right’

There is nothing quite like the feeling of being technically correct. It is the best kind of correct after all! And, it is something that the people on this list are no strangers to!

So, strap on your pants of technical correctness, and get ready for these 15+ moments that made us go "I guess you're technically right!"

"Realistic Museum."

Reddit | Sumit316

"Dave, I thought you were going to fill it with vintage firefighting equipment?"

"Look, you wanted a museum of fire, I gave you a museum of fire!"

"She wanted a Spice rack so here it is."

Reddit | pengouin85

How long do you reckon the person behind this has been holding onto those Spice Girls dolls for, just waiting for this joke to come up organically?

"A helpful sign."

Reddit | MovementPrepMaster

I'm sure the guy sitting behind them really appreciates how accurate the sign is! It should really have "Sorry!" written on the back of it.

Just A Horse Sitting Down...

Reddit | Newcool1230

It seems simple, but I have never seen a horse sit like this before, and I absolutely love it! Look how content it looks with life!

"Not your average memorial plaque."

Reddit | jackasaurusrexx

I think that I could do with one of these for my partner dated the day that we agreed to move in together.

"Saw this on my way to work."

Reddit | Gohomeyourdrunk

I can confirm that churches are indeed all about "dat grace" and want absolutely nothing to do with "no devil." I believe it was Jesus who said this.

"A box is a box!"

Reddit | km8907

I mean, they might not be able to sit in it, but a cat will always find a way to fit into a box!

"I guess I can't be mad?"

Reddit | yodacola

Poems include, "I wandered lonely as a hound," "Dog Juan," and "Doggymandias."

A Bit Unnecessary if You Ask Me!

Reddit | leotushex

Yeah, well, you missed off the apostrophe! And to think you call yourself a school bus! More like a didn't-go-to-school bus! Yeah, that showed 'em!

Boneless Chicken.

Reddit | natebob

I can't wait for all the comments telling me how these eggs are probably not fertilized and therefore are not chicken. I know how chickens work, it's just a joke!

"Important sign seen at the San Francisco Pride Parade today."

Reddit | EvTheSmev

And yet, the person taking this picture of that sign had the audacity to do so in portrait mode!

"Technically correct!"

Reddit | Nergaal

Would they be able to give them a ticket for parking there? I mean, then you're just getting into a semantics argument really, aren't you?

"A sign by the airport in Helsinki, Finland!"

Reddit | Turtle456

Well, you're either a badass or just an opportunist looking for cheap flights and hotels, but it still works I guess!

"I noticed a new sign at my doctors office."

Reddit | mynameisntsavannah

I guess it all just depends on how much you like lollipops, really! I mean, if you value a lollipop more than your life, you may think differently.

"Found in a nearby car."

Reddit | hunt6429

Yep, this is definitely correct. I hate it when someone gets in your car and starts messing up the playlist. I have a very specific driving playlist that should be left alone!

"Well, it's not technically false advertising."

Reddit | Squish92

I mean, there could be more pepperoni under the cheese, but I goddamn hate it when pizzerias put the toppings under the cheese!

They're Not wrong!

Reddit | poppzE

One person in the comments wrote, "Incorrect. It's what you do when high that you get paid for." And, to that person, I say, "Shut up!"

"I asked them to write me a joke on my box. Was not let down."

Reddit | vampirecyborg

Ah, yes, I love nothing more than to be made to feel like my life is a joke while I'm eating takeout pizza. It is my favorite pastime.

"Technically his answer is not wrong."

Reddit | Redditor005050

Christ, if I had replied to every crash report with what I was actually doing in reality when the error occurred, there would be some very strange reports out there!

"These guys sit at this table every morning. The restaurant owners made this sign to claim the table for them."

Reddit | leebob05

I would absolutely love one of these signs for my desk. It would work well with my general hatred of new music.

"Local Ranch Warns To-Be Trespassers."

Reddit | Bargrisar_Stoneman

You know what, if someone is going to such hyperbolic lengths to try and keep people out, I think I'd just leave whatever is in there well alone.

"Good thing the extra sign was there for clarification."

Reddit | CenturionElite

Yep, absolutely right. And, as they say, thank goodness they added that extra clarity as, otherwise, I would have been completely lost.

"They've been warned."

Reddit | addison_thorn

Don't ask me how I know that this person can poop larger poops than a dog... Just take my word for it and heed their warning!

"Saw this at work and it's technically correct."

Reddit | idiosyncratic190

What a fun way to think of us damaging the planet beyond repair! Yep, that's right, I made it political!

How Much Was The Pie?

Reddit | Addey123

How overjoyed do you reckon they were when they wrote this down? I'd still be guffawing at my own genius to this day! I live a very sheltered life though.

"A few days ago a car drove through an Arby's. This was their sign today."

Reddit | TotesOfGoats

"Hi, can I get a Roast Beef Classic Sandwich and a Crispy Fish Sandwich for takeout please?"

"Of course! Could you please just reverse out of the restaurant first, sir?"

"I shaved my cat to look like a Lion today. Not one regret since..."

Reddit | Colin9

I suppose that it does look a little bit like a lion. However, it looks more just generally pissed off!

"Technically correct is the best kind of correct."

Reddit | Vmoney1337

I hope to God that this teacher marked this answer as right, because it is a fantastic, and correct, answer! However, I know that there would be some teachers who would mark it wrong out of spite.

"My mom ordered a graduation cake with a cap drawn on. I guess they misheard."

Reddit | bluesberry

Maybe a controversial opinion, but I think they got it right. If it's on her head, it's technically a cap.

"How could you say he's wrong?"

Reddit | bst1208

If anything, this is the most correct answer. I don't remember a single famous queen from my history classes but I still know all the words to "Don't Stop Me Now."

Reaping What You Sow.

Reddit | D0NW0N

As someone who was taken to Disney World as a child, your kids won't remember it. Take them when they're older and check out Universal Studios instead.

"He has my vote."

Reddit | emq11

Even though he's not running, this guy still manages to be the most honest candidate in the district.

"Today I learned."

Reddit | jam94banjo

Genuinely concerned by the fact that this had to have been asked enough in a short period of time for them to warrant a sign being put up.

"Well played, book store."

Reddit | KickassRhythm

This is like a gacha game on your phone but without the predatory mechanics and microtransactions. One transaction, one prize, one fun little experience.

"My mom spaced out while wrapping gifts this year...I think I know where she got this one!"

Reddit | maidenvoyage14

This really does remove a whole fluff layer regarding Christmas that I kinda dig. "Don't thank me for buying it, thank Target for selling it."

This Really Should Be Inclusive.

Reddit | Onicss

Like, yeah, keep away from American kids, but I think if it's a danger to them it's a danger to kids in different countries too.

"Guess we need to call AAA."

Reddit | orlando2542

This is exactly why everyone needs to learn how to change a dog, and should always have a spare in case something goes wrong.

"I guess that's one way to stay cool?"

Reddit | pixelated_vision

I can only imagine this helps for about a minute before it turns into this gross, sticky mess. Just get a water bottle.

"Mike was a pretty important guy."

Reddit | Pwnerock

You gotta give credit where credit is due. Except here it's due in a lot of places, so you sum it up to make it easier.

"This exit must be reserved for the Kool-Aid man."

Reddit | RonBurgandy2724

Any wall can be an exit if you have the right tools. Or if you just try hard enough.

"I threw a tennis ball, he brought back a crab apple."

Reddit | sweetoklahome

Same size, same color, same thing really. Just keep chucking it and he'll bring back the ball eventually.

"I guess I'm done?"

Reddit | TerpBE

They really couldn't leave Vader as an outline? I wanted to give him a fabulous gold, sequined coat.

Why You Shouldn't Drop Cigarette Butts!

Reddit | geisha_chainsaw

Kippers are the most well-known for being smokers...because of smoked kippers, get it? I know, it was weak at best.

"This bar knows me too well."

Reddit | theSYSTEMxP

At least they're trying to offer a solution, even if it's only a temporary one.

"You can just buy these signs on Amazon and stick them anywhere."

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

I mean, if you were to somehow open that door expecting a bathroom, then I think you would definitely relieve yourself so, it kind of is a rest room, really!