10+ Helpful Products For Oddly Specific Problems

Specific problems need specific solutions, and, boy, do I have a bunch for you.

Have trouble shaving in the shower? Finding your keys? How about cleaning dust in your car? Guys, all of those problems are about to become issues of the past. Let's check out some really cool stuff, shall we?

A PopSocket will save your fingers from phone-holding fatigue.

Ah, modern day problems. A PopSocket is essential to owning a larger phone, since it'll relieve strain on your fingers. Plus, you can customize them however you want! And you can get a car mount! I can't live without mine.

A beauty spatula will help you dig out all that extra product you didn't know you had.


Your foundation bottle is not as empty as it leads you to believe. There is a ton of product that pumps don't get to, especially in the top and bottom crevices. Get a beauty spatula for those little places!

Cable clips.


You need these. They will solve so many problems that you didn't know you had, and those that you definitely do. Say goodbye to cluttered cables and missing chargers.

Get some here.

Some bottle magnets for your fridge.


You: Need space for your beer, but can't sacrifice precious shelf space in your fridge.

This invention: Will utilize the height in your fridge to solve that problem. You're welcome!

A huge silicone mat is the multi-purpose object you didn't know you needed.


A have a few, and I use them for everything from baking, to opening bottles, to doing arts and crafts on. It's the perfect thing for any surface you don't want to get dirty!

Get one in grey, pink, or blue here. (I want a pink one next.)

Some cleaning slime for your car would be so satisfying.


It is SO hard to get to the dust in your air vents, right? Well, send this slime in to do the job, and say goodbye to that dust. Get it here.

A big bug catcher.


If you're looking for a human way to get rid of critters that also allows you to stay far, far away from them, then look no further: the Critter Catcher is here.

I cropped out the spider. You're welcome. Again.

A pet hair broom.


Because everyone who has a pet knows how necessary these things are for maintaining your sanity.

If your pet doesn't have fur... well, lucky you, you fish/lizard/bird owner. What kinda problems do you guys have? I'll solve those for you.

Get it here.

A laptop cleaning device that will get all those crumbs out from between your keys.


You know they're there. I know they're there. Let's just be honest with each other, shall we? Pick up this dual-ended cleaner to brush away the crumbs and clean the screen!

A wooden page holder is great for traditional readers.


Otherwise known as people who still read physical books, which I'm sure is actually a lot of people. My apartment is small, I can't own books! Don't look at me.

Anyway, grab yours here.

This cable roller will keep your longer cables from tangling.


Wrap your cables around the little yo-yo and never worry about tangling your wires ever again. Get one in green or one in grey on Amazon.

A portable pill box is great for prescriptions on the go.


Especially since taking multiple medications = multiple florescent orange bottles that take up a LOT of space. Get one with a fun phrase or a tiny cactus on it here.

Never lose your keys again with a bluetooth keychain tile.

You can activate the tile when it's out of sight and it'll make a sound to help you find your missing stuff! Get one on Amazon.

A foot rest for your shower.


Shaving your legs in a narrow shower is sometimes a literal pain in the butt. Or back. Or legs! So pick up a foot rest and solve that little problem forever.

This three-foot-long grabbing tool.


Listen, while shelves are an excellent way to keep things nice and tidy, sometimes they aren't too practical when it comes to getting said items down. Instead of breaking out a ladder or step stool, this handy grabber should help you in a pinch.

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