30 Weird Mistakes Lying In Plain Sight That Made Us Want To Crack Open The Wine

Nobody is perfect, which means that we all make a few mistakes here and there. However, some people's mistakes are much more...apparent than anyone else's.

So, from people who advertised for their customers to drink horrible things to individuals who left themselves with embarrassing marks, here are 30 weird mistakes lying in plain sight that made us want to crack open the wine!

"I'll drink the what now?"

Now that I know it says "wine" I cannot see the word "urine." However, when I first looked at it I could only see the word "urine" for the life of me. This has broken my brain.

"Trained everyone up on the security system, boss."

It would be a truly incredible play if the code was something completely different and someone had just tampered with those buttons to throw intruders off the scent. Somehow I doubt that is the case though.

"Mistakes were very clearly made here!"

I love how expressive that little face is. That is exactly how the servers must have looked whenever someone came back to the counter and demanded more food as they had covered their previous meal in sanitiser.

"This spelling mistake at the butcher made me laugh..."

There is a whole plethora of jokes that could be made in relation to this innocent enough spelling error, but I'll let you add in your own doubtlessly dirty joke here...

Let's Face It, We Have All Done It At Some Point! Right?

This woman's dog was probably over the moon that it had somehow managed to wrangle its way out of a trip to the vet. Poor thing is going to be crushed when she gets home.

Someone Must Have Missed A Quite Important Memo...

I am floored that this car wasn't towed. The people paving the road probably couldn't be bothered to wait for it to be towed, opting to just navigate around it instead. I admire their commitment to just getting the job done as quickly as possible.

"A nightlight to make sure that you stay awake for the whole night!"

"they missed a prime opportunity to have the power cable come out of the belly button and wrapping it in something that looks like an umbilical cord," added one person with a very strange imagination.

"Words go here! My work anniversary gift finally arrived."

This person should send the company back a thank you card. Inside they could just write, "Thanks go here." Still, at least they got a watch out of it if nothing else!

"KROWMAET for life!"

Even if they had spelt it the right way around, there seems to be a lot of people struggling while the person at the top just slacks off! I'm not sure that is sending the right message about "teamwork"!

Team Rocket Finally Get Their Comeuppance!

If you are going to go around trying to steal a little kid's electric mouse then you need to be a little more subtle about it guys! You can't just go prancing around in daylight enacting unnecessarily complex, yet inherently flawed, farcical heists!

They Missed One Very Crucial Part Of Pixelation.

I particularly like how disappointed this guy's reflection looks, as though he knows what is going to go wrong with this picture! You cannot rely on some people to do even the simplest of jobs sometimes!

"This is the library at my college. Shelves right around a support beam that are nearly impossible to get to."

There are clearly books in this area that their college does not want them to look at. Is this technically the forbidden section of this library in that case?

"This certainly is an interesting guitar."

Everyone should start calling trumpets "interesting guitars" from now on. I mean, who is to say that this isn't an interesting guitar? Probably anyone who actually plays the trumpet now that I think about it.

Are You Sure You're Feeling Alright There Monica?

Looks like she might have been a bit enthusiastic when brushing her teeth, which kind of scans for her character I suppose. Either that or she needs to get a less sharp toothbrush.

"My neighbor helping others learn from their mistake."

They should have drawn a yellow outline of a body there as well, just to add to the severity of their message. Everyone will spot the outline of a corpse on the floor that's for sure!

"Not a cellphone in sight, just a kid living in the moment!"

It really is great to see kids spending time in the real world and not engulfed in a damn screen! Kids need to experience the joy of playing with toys in reality!

Creepy And Crappy In Equal Measure.

Okay, you cannot argue that the clothes on sale are effectively displayed. Although, the fact that they look as though they are being worn by people who have hanged themselves is a little distracting.

"This is a kids' boat at the playground. However, the water inside has nowhere to go."

"Just drill a hole in the bottom of the boat for God's sake!"

"But, then it won't be able to float?"

"Dave, it's not a real boat. You know that, right?"


"Please God learn from my mistakes..."

Wow, that is definitely not a mark that is going to go down any time soon. Amazingly, I had a friend who did this very thing, those marks take ages to go me.

"We're getting a new kitchen countertop soon. Making sandwiches will be easier."

Dear Christ, did they deliberately go out of their way to get bread to match their countertop, or visa versa, or was this just an accident? I couldn't even see the sandwich for far too long!

"Billions... Just not these ones."

This is obviously why they specifically do not say, "All items delivered safely and securely"! They were really covering their asses with this, but it does seem a bit like they were asking for trouble with that slogan.

"My hips: 'Ow, ow, ow, urg, ugh, ow.'"

Is this actually meant to be used as a slide, or is it some sort of strange ladder? I just refuse to believe that anyone would look at this and would think, "Now that is a good-looking slide!"

"This stall door in a gas station bathroom."

Well, one person did say that so long as you can't see the person's face then it is okay. However, I really don't think that would be much consolation for me when using this toilet.

"Nice fresh produce you've got there..."

I would relish any excuse to be able to devour packet after packet of Cheetos while still being able to say that it was okay thanks to the fact that I'm eating "fresh produce".

"Who actually went through with this mess?"

I would love to know who is in the wrong here, the person who put in the trees or the person who put the flagstones in. My money is on the tree guy!

"PLEASE show me the difference…"

I have been staring at this for ages now and can only assume that they forgot to put the difference in! Perhaps this mistake was done deliberately to keep kids quiet for hours on end?

"The n stands for..."

Is it "nuggets"? That seems like the only thing that I can get from this, and it is a bit of a grim thing to put on a kid's mat. Someone did suggest that it might be "nestlings," but I think that is a bit of a reach.

"Do not double stack!"

"I see those signs as more like guidelines than as actual rules."

"Well, you ignoring those 'guidelines' has cost us a staggering amount of money in damages."

"Well, it's not my fault."

"No...Dave, it is exactly your fault."

"If only there was a letter resembling the shape of the Eiffel Tower they could've used…"

I always wanted to go to paAis, it always seems like such a romantic city when it is on the telly. Also, joking aside, even if they had made this cap to actually read "Paris," would anyone still actually want one of these on their head?

"To instruct people to stand on the right on the London Underground."

Amazingly, some people were actually confused as to why people need to stand on the right on escalators, but one person helpfully explained: "So the left left is free for people to keep walking up the right is for people just standing and travelling with the escalator."

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