15 Signs That Have No Right Being As Funny As They Are

Many people look for signs, and usually, it's something to do with our purpose in the universe. In these times of uncertainty, it's not uncommon to look for guidance from above.

However, not all signs are there to guide us through life. Some of them are just there to give us a good chuckle. And I don't know about you, but I'm all for that, ha, ha!

1. This Beach Sign

Having just spent a solid week on a beach, I so can relate to this. Thankfully, our location had porta-potties nearby otherwise, we might have spotted somebody being bad, and then had to YouTube it, lol.

2. This Welcome Sign

I'm used to seeing "Welcome" signs at people's houses, however, this isn't one of them. But heck, at least you know that your host has a sense of humor, huh? I wonder what else is banned in this household.

3. This Straight To The Point Sign

This is a sign I can get behind. If you have to put up signs in your establishment, at least you can keep it lighthearted. What do you think? I definitely dig this a lot.

4. This Sport Of Choice

If you ever wanted to take up fencing, I think this is the perfect time for it. A fencing academy posted this sign, and I bet they're getting some more feet in the door with their sense of humor.

5. This Fast Food Message

So this happened to an Arby's location. Somebody drove right through their door. So the next day, they just had to make a public announcement and make a point. Ha, ha, I love this management team here.

6. This Obvious Plea

I like when people make fun of social media in the most subtle ways. So do them a favor and like and share this post. Done, and done. I did my part, so what are you waiting for, huh?

7. This Funny Dad

This person's dad was responsible for their neighborhood signs this week. Let's just say he really went to town with them, and we should all be grateful for it, hee-hee. Let him do it again. I want to see what he comes up with next.

8. This Coffee Shop Billboard

This coffee shop is one place where they know what you really want. So it's no wonder they have learned all the signs of people being sleep-deprived. This is the kind of place I would like to visit, hee-hee.

9. This Bathroom Sign

In a world where we're constantly bombarded with good and bad reviews, how would you rate the last place where you pooped? OMG! Isn't that hilarious or what? Every establishment restroom should have this sign, no?

10. This Friendly Reminder

I once worked at a coffee shop, and I have to admit I didn't last very long. It's really tough dealing with a lot of grumpy people in the morning before they have their coffee. So be nice, people.

11. This Call To Action

Every teenager who's screaming inside should really read this sign. If you think you have it bad now dealing with annoying parents, wait until you get a real life. Stuff gets hard and fast so remember the freedom you had.

12. This Baby Changing Station

Somebody spotted this baby changing station sign at a local movie theater. I bet there are at least a few moms out there who wouldn't mind exchanging their screaming kid for a cat just for a day, ha, ha!

13. This Claim To Fame

If you too have a favorite meeting place, where everyone knows your name, perhaps one day you'll get a privilege like these guys. Apparently, they meet every morning and sit a the same exact table. It's only fitting, no?

14. This Corn Maze Sign

If you think getting lost in a corn maze is fun, you're not my kind of person. I, for one, would stay as far away from it as I can because Children of the Corn isn't something I would love to experience, lol.

15. This Bathroom Caution Sign

If you were running an aquarium, would you put down just a regular "Caution: Wet Floor" sign? Well, that's obviously not how they do things at this Toronto establishment. Instead, they like to think outside of the box.

I hope these funny signs gave you a nice laugh today.

Aren't you glad that there are folks with a sense of humor out there? That way, you never know when you might encounter a sign that might just make your day.