38 Good Ideas That I Wish I'd Come Up With First

I swear, every single day I see more ideas that are just so clever, it makes me mad that I didn't think them up. Seriously, some of these ideas could revolutionize the way we live our lives.

I bet whoever came up with these ideas could make some serious bank off of them if they aren't already. They are, after all, pretty awesome.

"These handles don't connect to the floor so the floor can be cleaned more easily."

Talk about an incredible design idea! It must be super hard to clean subway cars since there's so much stuff in the way (and boy, do they need to be cleaned). This way, the floors can get a good scrubbing and people can still hold on to the rail comfortably.

"This ornamental hand at my local IKEA with the middle finger Zip-Tied down."

When it comes to things like this, I can see why this would be necessary. Kids (and adults, let's face it) love to mess with this kind of stuff, making profane gestures. At least this way, they can keep the hand PG.

"The local blood bank have these signs to show how much blood they have."

Not only are these signs super sleek, they make for a really good visual representation of the amount of blood this bank has. Is it just me, or is there, like, a weirdly high amount of B blood there?

"My town’s library is under construction, so they’re using an old grocery store as the temporary library."

I don't really know how many vacant grocery stores there are out there, but it looks like they could be put to really good use. Hopefully people won't walk inside expecting to find food, though. Because that would be one disappointing grocery trip.

"A customer mailed this tube with a tongue depressor attached to it to prevent it from rolling around."

Oh, hey, that's actually genius! Shipping tubes are great for posters, but not so great for keeping their balance. This would seriously help in keeping them from rolling around everywhere. Time to create a device like this, patent it, and sell it for billions!

"Checkers teaches a basic waltz."

I guess if you're waiting for food, you might as well be doing something. This floor sign is actually a great idea because it helps people pass the time. And, it teaches them how to dance, which is a pretty important skill to have.

"My son received a 'business' card from a classmate."

You know what, this is actually kind of clever. The mom who made these cards must have some serious business sense (and also really wants her kid to make friends, which is just really cute). Hopefully she gets some calls!

"Curved and weighted chopsticks keep the ends off the table without a stand."

That's pretty interesting, actually. I'm not going to pretend I understand the physics behind it, but it's still neat how the ends don't touch the table. And I'm sure these kinds of chopsticks would be really handy for some people out there.

"Accidentally put a hole in a wall, my sister came up with a temporary fix."

I'm not really sure how you "accidentally" make a hole in your wall, but this fix is definitely working. If it were my wall, though, I feel like I'd just leave it. Call it a decoration and keep it up there forever.

"This chair in the airport has a slot for holding luggage."

Okay, this is probably the best chair design I've ever seen. You know how amazing this would be in all public places? Not just airports, but restaurants, lounges, libraries, schools. Literally anywhere you might be sitting and want somewhere to keep your bag.

"My desk has a button to keep your drinks cool."

I've seen drink warmers that you put on desks, but never coolers. And never one that's built in. That's pretty awesome. I wish I had one now, because I'd be using it all the time (gotta keep those ice coffees cool somehow).

"This set of people colored crayons."

There are, like, a lot of different skin tones out there. A color pack like this is going to make sure that any kid can draw themselves and their family without having to make do with the wrong kind of brown or beige.

I wish I had these when I was a kid!

"So excited to see McDonald is using all biodegradable plates, wooden utensils, and paper straw for the first time this week."

Now that's pretty interesting. Unlike plastic cutlery, you probably couldn't wash it (you know, if you really wanted to). But it's got to cut back on the amount of plastic that'll end up in the environment, which is a good thing.

"This triple bunk bed that overlaps at 90 degrees."

Who's to say that you can't have more than just 2 bunks? The two lower bunks might be a little crammed, but if this is for kids, they probably won't care that much anyway. And it would be such a perfect idea for sleepovers.

"This Guinness pump has USB ports on it for charging your phone at the bar."

You know what? This makes so much sense. You always seem to end up with a nearly dead phone when you're out and about, after all.

Honestly, though, there should be USB charging ports everywhere. That's the world we live in now.

"I thought the cutout on the right of this case served no purpose. Then genius struck me today."

In general, I think snack compartments are kind of important. Like, they tend to make your day a whole lot better, since you have a spot for an extra snack. It just makes sense. So, let's find more places to keep our snacks.

"This vending machine at a mall sells Gameboy games."

There's definitely a market for this kind of thing. Or better yet, a Gacha machine with different retro game cartridges inside and you get a random one each time. Just as long as they aren't prices at, like, $400 or something.

"My wife is so organized she packs zipper bags with her outfits for each day on vacation."

This is actually pretty genius. It really helps to know exactly what you're going to wear and when during a trip (where you don't have your whole wardrobe on hand). And keeping them separate like this will keep you from mixing each item up. Cool!

"Subway giving free food for the homeless."

A lot of restaurants end up having food that'll go to waste at the end of the day. Instead of doing that, though, more places should be using that food to give a meal to someone in need. So yeah, this is one great idea.

"The box that my grill came in can be inverted to make a playhouse for a toddler."

It looks like more and more places are catching on to the fact that kids (and pets) love to play and hang out in boxes. This is really cute, and such a great use of a box that would have otherwise been thrown away.

"In Singapore, elderly pedestrians can tap their Identity Card to have more time at the pedestrian crossing."

The person who shared this didn't indicate if there is another form of ID that would work with this or if it is only for older people, but I would like to think that these also work for anyone with mobility issues who could use a bit of extra crossing time.

"The mini fridge in my hostel room was in the wall."

Is this a genius idea? Probably not, but it's still super cool (pun intended). I bet it saves at least some space while it's at it. And I just can't help but love the idea of a built in fridge, so there's that.

"Notepad made from thin sheets of wood."

This idea is really cool, if only because I didn't even know wood could do that. Obviously, paper comes from wood, but who would've thought that you could slice paper thin enough to make it into paper too? That's honestly so awesome!

"The bathroom at my doctor's office has a discreet way for victims of abuse, violence, or human trafficking to get help."

One of the hardest parts of being a victim of abuse is mustering up the courage to ask for help. Often, it can be difficult to even get away from one's abuser long enough to do so safely.

Ideas like this one can be literal lifesavers.

"My dry erase markers measure writing capacity using distance."

That's a pretty effective way to show how much use you can get out of a marker. 1500 meters (just under a mile) is a pretty long distance. You'd probably get months if not years out of that pack of markers!

"My mother-in-law's toaster is see through."

Ovens have oven lights so that you can see your food while it's cooking. So why not have toasters with little windows in them so you can see your bread toasting?

This could, like, revolutionize the way we make toast. I bet it would come out so much more even if you can keep an eye on it.

"This elevator with an additional alarm button near the ground in case you can’t get up."

Could you imagine being hurt or sick, or the top of the elevator filling with smoke, and being unable to actually reach the button to call for help?

This is a simple, but important thing that should be everywhere by now.

"This park has a swing for wheelchair users."

Accessibility isn't just about ramps; it's about making it possible for people to take part in all aspects of life regardless of their physical or mental circumstances.

As kids, many of us probably took the availability of swings for granted, but for people who use wheelchairs, a swing like this is extra special.

"A color blind viewer."

Similarly, many of us don't always appreciate how privileged we are to enjoy the full spectrum of natural beauty around us.

This viewer allows people who are color blind to enjoy the splendor too.

"This gum wrapper tells you how to dispose of chewing gum."

I feel like there are people out there who don't know that you can just... use the gum wrapper to throw out your gum. Either that, or they like sticking their gum to the bottoms of desks.

At least if Hubba Bubba is willing to spell it out for us, then maybe more people will throw their gum out the clean way.

"My grocery store started selling overripe bananas for cheap with a recipe for banana bread on the bag."

We all know how quickly bananas can go from perfect to mushy, so imagine how many get wasted at grocery stores! Banana bread is a classic way to avoid wasting them, but not everyone has a recipe on hand.

This is the perfect solution.

"The middle snap on my baby's onesie is a different color to help align the buttons."

I swear, those baby onesies just don't make any sense when you actually try to put them on a baby. The one snap that's a different color would definitely help so many tired parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles out.

"This shop has a option to shop alone or with assistance."

I appreciate that customer service workers are expected to go around and ask people if they need help. They'll get in trouble if they don't.

But I hate being asked, so having a basket that says, "No thanks!" at a glance would be awesome.

"Stairs with a rail in Denmark. It allows you to push your bike up without carrying it."

There are a lot of places that just aren't built for biking. But that doesn't mean we can't make these places more bike accessible.

Leave it to Denmark to come up with a genius way to get your bike up a set of stairs.

"I adapted a Rubix Cube for the blind!"

Really, a more tactile version of a Rubik's Cube is a great idea in general. They should see this DIY version and make an official one that anyone can buy.

"My protein powder scoop is designed to sit on a lip just under the lid... so you don't have to reach into the powder to grab it."

This is great. Not just for protein powder, but for any container that may have a scoop inside of it. It's such a simple yet incredibly clever idea, that I feel like a bunch of us are going to be kicking ourselves for never having thought of it.

"Instead of using rubber bands this sushi shop uses a heat stamp to keep the container closed."

I feel like something like this would really help keep the contents of the container from flying everywhere if you ever dropped it. Which is awesome!

...But those little fish-shaped containers filled with soy sauce? Also genius. Both of these things need to be everywhere.

"Accessible stairs."

I don't think there are enough words in the English language to express how much I think this is a perfect idea. There are stairs for the people who just want to climb the steps, but they also transition into a ramp for the people who need it. Genius!

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