30 Times People Only Technically Got What They Asked For

It's always good, in theory at least, to get exactly what you ask for. But there are a lot of ways that someone can technically fulfill your request.

Remember, it's always good to be extremely specific. Otherwise, you might end up like one of these people.

"Asked for lemon with my water."

Reddit | SirTrucks-a-Lot

From now on, any time I want some lemon with my water, I'm asking for a lemon wedge, just to be specific. Then again, maybe I'll be in the mood for a full lemon at some point.

"Brother was looking for a house in Seattle, found one that was perfect, but the rent was a little too good so he asked for proof of ownership and received this in return… Looks legit to us!"

The more I look at this, the worse it gets. I think this house maybe isn't legitimately owned.

"My 4 year old brought me a rubber band and asked me to do this to him."

Reddit | ApologeticKid

Kids are great at coming up with ideas that seem amazing in their head, then being incredibly disappointed when they see the end result.

"My high school teacher asked us to write about our future, and gave these back to us a few years later. I did grow an inch or so!"

Reddit | TossOutAccount69

I like how this student wrote "etc." at the end of their first answer. It's a good catch-all to encompass all the stuff they didn't list.

"The girls on the team wanted to get their nails ready for the wakeboarding world championships, I asked them to bring my feet along to the salon. The result is awesome."

Reddit | benhundben

I'm sure the folks at the salon were a tad unnerved to be working on disembodied feet, but at least they were good sports about it.

"Friend’s 9 year-old nephew was asked to show his work or to describe how he got his answer. His reply: 'just use my brain' and drew this to show his work."

Reddit | Indigo2015

Hey, you asked for a diagram to show how the problem was solved. I think this fits the bill.

"My wife asked my kid to write in what he wanted for dinner (he wanted pho)."

Reddit | Tinjenko

This is how you go from thinking your kid is being a disrespectful little brat to having a good, hearty laugh about the whole thing.

"My daughter when she said she wanted to be a Transformer for Halloween."

Reddit | brandoj23

She asked and her dad delivered. I'm sure everyone except the little girl had a good laugh about this one. Maybe she can pretend she's a robot or something.

"Why you can’t trust the public to select names…'

The Royal Air Force asked the public to name their aircraft, and the public delivered. Maybe the RAF should have specified that they were soliciting the public to give a non-stupid name to the new aircraft.

"Had some fun today. High Fived with 'Death.'"

I'm pretty sure when people say they had an encounter with Death, they don't mean like this. On the plus side, it looks like this guy's living his life more than the rest of us.

"My grandma wanted some 'creative' grad photos of my friend since we’re graduating at the same time. This was her least favorite."

Hey, if Grandma didn't want a fake pregnancy announcement, she should've been more specific. Getting creative can mean anything. I do have to say, though, that I appreciate the amount of effort that went into this.

"My fiancé bought me a Corvette for my special day! Been asking for one for months!"

Reddit | HueJanusPK

If you're someone who likes flashy cars and wants a whole lot of them, I have a suggestion: Hot Wheels. It's the only way you can own a Corvette and Lambo at a reasonable price.

"My kids inherited my childhood toys, and only my daughter wants to play with 'dolls'. Action Man is now loving the sweet life."

Reddit | ChrisDnmnm

I'm not sure if the expression on Action Man's face suggests domestic bliss or an urge to die.

"My kids came in and told me there was water coming from the laundry room. They said it looked like it started at the washer. I rushed in to find this. Buncha comedians in my house..."

I think it's safe to say that this is the result of parenting gone right. They had the timing down and everything.

"I figured out you don’t actually have to assemble these things."

It's all fun and games until the partner comes home and blows a hole through the roof. Unless they're in on the joke, too. Then it'll just be box furniture all around.

"I’m on vacation for a week and asked my neighbor to go check on our cat. He checked on more than that."

Reddit | buckeyespud

I'd have a good laugh over this, and then never ask this neighbor to watch over my stuff ever again.

"Makes perfect sense."

Sure, there may be regulations against what kinds of things you can say on a vanity plate, but they can't stop you from slapping your name on the back of your truck. I bet this guy gets pulled over a lot, though.

"Dude, know your facts!"

Well, this person asked for an autograph, and they got an autograph. Even if it's from a guy who very clearly did not make the game.

"This hedge in a park was clearly not a great idea."

Reddit | shononi

Hey, you want a hedge, you'll get a hedge. If you didn't want it to look like...this, you probably should have been more specific when you gave me the instructions.

"Pizza shop asked me 'whose name do you want the order under?' I replied, ' my wife Michelle.' This is how they announced her name when she picked up the food."

Reddit | ibanaz93

I don't know if this is more awkward for Michelle or for the person who called out, "My wife Michelle!"

"I saw Steve Wozniak speak and asked a coworker to take my picture in front of him. Dude couldn't even focus."

Reddit | Taintlyn

Technically, she got what she asked for. She can point at the pic and say, "That smudge, that one there? That's Woz himself."

"He’ll be waiting for a while…"

I once read Waiting for Godot, and it went exactly how this airport interaction (or lack thereof) is probably going to go. Is someone going to tell him that Godot isn't going to show up?

"Can’t stop laughing at my nephew’s costume - Mask makes him look like a sad Michael Myers."

In my opinion, the new Halloween sequels missed the mark when they didn't reboot Michael Myers as a tragic antihero. Maybe this kid can pick up the slack.

"Soon-to-be-wife asked me to make a 'photo op' banner for the wedding."

Reddit | checkoutmyfish

I like to think that this was shortly before the wedding, and that in the chaos of setting everything up, they just had to go with the HOT POOP banner in their photo booth.

"Left my computer open unattended. Came back to this."

If you leave your computer open for prying eyes to see, whether you're at home or at the library, this is the risk you're taking.

"My buddy is a Dodgers fan. I'm a Giants fan. We had a friendly $20 bet on who would win the NLDS. Here is the $20 I will be giving him Monday."

Reddit | Gharrrrrr

This is a classic way to pay off a bet. I'd love to see this method with a larger amount of money.

"Dropping off a food order when this cat popped up and loudly demanded I scratch him so here's the photo the customer got."

The people in this scenario may not have asked for this, but the cat sure did. So, he got what he wanted at least.

"Won a bet against my boss nearly a year ago. Came into work to see that he finally paid pennies."

Reddit | thenation7

That's what I'm talking about. I gave up on trying to count, but there's at least 20 bucks worth of pennies here.

"Asked a passerby for a family photo. Nailed it!"

Reddit | ghetto_bird1

Family photos rarely focus so heavily on shoes. Maybe these folks will come to appreciate this unique take on the classic photo in years to come. Or maybe they'll just delete it.

"Must’ve thought I asked for salt and peppers."

Reddit | thizzy85

When it comes to free side items from fast food restaurants, I would take salt and peppers over salt and pepper any day of the week. I mean, it's obviously more bang for your buck.

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